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August 9 to 11, 2019
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The Ninth Annual Edition of When Words Collide

Festival Pass Holders List

Please note that, once you have paid online, there may be a delay of several days before your registration shows up in this list. If you registered in person or by mail it may take several weeks.

So far, as of 2019-07-20 01:00 MDT, we have 800 passholders and guests registered for the upcoming festival. 110 passholders asked not to be listed here. Email us if you wish to be put on the waiting list.

@CatherineNetWeb Calgary AB
A. Rendle Victoria BC
ARWA (Merchant) Calgary AB
Aaron Humphrey Edmonton AB
Adam Cole Calgary AB
Adam Dreece Calgary AB
Adria Laycraft (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Adriaan Brae Calgary AB
Al Onia Calgary AB
Alan Weiss Toronto ON
Albert Gooding (2 banquets) Saskatoon SK
Alex Benarzi Calgary AB
Alex McGilvery Clearwater BC
Alexandra Risen Toronto ON
Alexandra Writers' Centre Society (Merchant) Calgary AB
Alice Bienia Calgary AB
Alice Murray Caroline AB
Alice Willett Regina SK
Alicia Coaldale AB
Alicia Debliek Calgary AB
Alicia Robinson Edmonton AB
Alix Clarke Calgary AB
Allison O'Grady Edmonton AB
Alyssa Linn Palmer Cochrane AB
Amanda Allen Edmonton AB
Amanda Eifert (2 banquets) Edmonton AB
Amanda Proudfoot (1 banquet) Edmonton AB
Amanda Wells Edmonton AB
Amanda Witow Regina SK
Amber Zierath Redwood Meadows AB
Amy D. Nelson High Prairie AB
Amy Dennis Calgary AB
Amy Eversley Edmonton AB
Amy Spencer Vancouver BC
Amy Totten Calgary AB
Andrew Czarnietzki Edmonton AB
Andrew R MacLeod Regina SK
Andrew Snook (1 banquet) Mississauga ON
Andy Ma Calgary AB
Angela Ackerman Redwood Meadows AB
Angela Bell Calgary AB
Angela Boyko Calgary AB
Angela Wywal Edmonton AB
Angie Goldsmith Calgary AB
Ann Bowyer Cochrane AB
Ann Cooney Calgary AB
Ann Marston (1 banquet) Edmonton AB
Anna Maria Bortolotto Calgary AB
Annette Bower Regina SK
Annette Kaminsky Edmonton AB
Annette Mocek Toronto ON
Annie Gionet Edmonton AB
Ariel Kroon Edmonton AB
Arlene Marks Collingwood ON
Ashley Newell Calgary AB
Ashlyn D'Aoust De Winton AB
Athen Davis Calgary AB
Avery Olive Red Deer AB
Axel Howerton Calgary AB
B.G. Cousins Calgary AB
Barb Calgary AB
Barb Galler-Smith (1 banquet) Edmonton AB
Barb Geiger Lethbridge AB
Barbara Baker Calgary AB
Barbara Bluer-Hore Winnipeg MB
Barbara Ferrer Kenmore WA
Barbara Schleifer Calgary AB
Barbara Thompson (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Barbara Tomporowski Regina SK
Barry Calgary AB
Belle Auld Calgary AB
Bernice Bohnet Calgary AB
Bernie Visotto Rocky Mountain House AB
Bertrand Bickersteth Olds AB
Beth Burnaby BC
Billie Milholland St. Albert AB
Blair Lindsay Airdrie AB
Bob Calgary AB
Bob Canuel Calgary AB
Bonnie Kitteringham Calgary AB
Brad Ens Calgary AB
Brandy Ackerley Calgary AB
Breanna Massey Calgary AB
Bree Calgary AB
Brenda Calgary AB
Brenda Kelly Cochrane AB
Brenda Sinclair Calgary AB
Brenna Davies Calgary AB
Brent Anderson Calgary AB
Brent Nichols Calgary AB
Brit Stanford Cardston AB
Brittany Gunderson Edmonton AB
Brock Regina SK
Brock Sansome Raymond AB
Bruce Atkins Calgary AB
Bryan Gooding Cochrane AB
Bryce BAJ Visser Calgary AB
C. S. MacCath South Haven NS
CARWA (Merchant) Calgary AB
CAT Edmonton AB
Caitlin A. Michiel (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Caitlin Bainbridge Calgary AB
Calvin Jim (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Cameron Edmonton AB
Candace Marshall (1 banquet) Red Deer AB
Candas Jane Dorsey Edmonton AB
Carol Calgary AB
Carol Parchewsky Calgary AB
Carol Richardson Calgary AB
Carol Ritten Smith Innisfail AB
Carolae Donoghue Penticton BC
Carrie Mumford Calgary AB
Carrie Stanton (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Cassandra Edmonton AB
Cassandra Arnold Calgary AB
Catherine Calgary AB
Catherine Fillo (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Cayleen Cardston AB
Celeste Peters (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Chantal Chesterman St Albert AB
Char Krausnick Calgary AB
Charlene Blackwell Cabri SK
Charlie Lethbridge AB
Chase Degenhardt (1 banquet) Edmonton AB
Chris Marrs Calgary AB
Chris Patrick Carolan Calgary AB
Christal Cam Calgary AB
Christianne Parrott Calgary AB
Christine Edmonton AB
Christine Ernst-Lomond Onoway AB
Christine Gibson Calgary AB
Christine Gillies Calgary AB
Christine Sopczak Calgary AB
Christopher Jessop Calgary AB
Chuck Hunter Calgary AB
Cindy Needham Red Deer AB
Cinette Santangelo Lethbridge AB
Cirrus Stone Lethbridge AB
Claire Allum Crowsnest Pass AB
Claire LeBlanc (2 banquets) Port Moody BC
Claudiu Richmond Hill ON
Cliff Samuels (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Colette Dufour Calgary AB
Coline Estevan SK
Colleen Anderson Vancouver BC
Colleen Cornez Calgary AB
Colleen Craig Salmon Arm BC
Colleen Eggertson Calgary AB
Colleen Eidsness Cranbrook BC
Collette Burjack Calgary AB
Connie Penner Coaldale AB
Corinne Montoya (2 banquets) Rio Rancho NM
Corrie-Ann Edmonton AB
Craig DiLouie Calgary AB
Craig Dyck Calgary AB
Craig Ilott Calgary AB
Crystal Strathmore AB
Curtis Gedak Calgary AB
Cynthia Dusseault Edmonton AB
Cynthia Philp Calgary AB
D.Dirks Calgary AB
Dale Howard (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Dale Speirs Calgary AB
Dallas Ivany (1 banquet) St Albert AB
Dan Calgary AB
Daniel Calgary AB
Daniella San Martin-Feeney Edmonton AB
Danielle Mohr Edmonton AB
Danika Stone Lethbridge AB
Darlene Louka (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Dave Edmonton AB
Dave Reynolds Calgary AB
David Carr Airdrie AB
David Gane Regina SK
David Lopez Calgary AB
David Poulsen (1 banquet) Calgary AB
David Wilde Regina SK
Dawn Harvey Calgary AB
Dawn Mccoy Edmonton AB
Deb Granum AB
Debbie Miller Thunder Bay ON
Debra Edmonton AB
Debra Chesley (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Dee Hahn Calgary AB
Dermot Byrne Calgary AB
Derrick Edmonton AB
Desiree Gawel Regina SK
Deven Kane Kelowna BC
Diana Katsnelson Calgary AB
Diane Morrison Vernon BC
Diane Terrana (1 banquet) Mississauga ON
Diane Volk Calgary AB
Don Owen Calgary AB
Donald Lee Peace River AB
Donna Wickens Calgary AB
Donna-Lee Wybert Calgary AB
Doreen Pendgracs Matlock MB
Dorothy McKay Cranbook BC
Doug James (2 banquets) Calgary AB
Dr. Nancy-Angel Doetzel (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Dr. Wael Badawy (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Dwayne Clayden (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Dyane Stewart Lacombe AB
E C Bell Edmonton AB
Ed Buchan Calgary AB
Edward Willett Regina SK
Eileen Capes (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Eileen Hartman Calgary AB
Elaine Lee Calgary AB
Eleanor Behr Calgary AB
Eleanor Cowan Calgary AB
Elisabeth Hegerat Lethbridge AB
Elissa McColl (1 banquet) Canmore AB
Elizabeth Lethbridge AB
Elizabeth Buchan-Kimmerly (1 banquet) Oak Bay BC
Elizabeth Grotkowski (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Elizabeth Purchase Welland ON
Ella Beaumont Calgary AB
Elle Andra-Warner Thunder Bay ON
Ellen A. Easton Cochrane AB
Ellie Brie Calgary AB
Emily Edmonton AB
Erika Holt Calgary AB
Erin Edmundson (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Erin Lindsey Calgary AB
Erin Sneath Calgary AB
Erin Weir Calgary AB
Eryn Shannon Kollecker Calgary AB
Evelyn Pollock Coldwater ON
Faye Arcand (1 banquet) Okanagan Falls BC
Faye Holt Calgary AB
Frank Talaber Chilliwack BC
G W Renshaw (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Gail Calgary AB
Gail Lowe Calgary AB
Gail Sattler (1 banquet) Maple Ridge BC
Geoff Pointe-Claire QC
George - Smartypants.com Fredericton NB
Glen Brown Calgary AB
Gord Calgary AB
Gord J Calgary AB
Grace Heemeryck (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Greg McKitrick Sherwood Park AB
Gregory Butler Edmonton AB
Guest of Alexandra Writers' Centre Society 1 (Merchant) Calgary AB
Guest of Alexandra Writers' Centre Society 2 (Merchant) Calgary AB
H. M. Gooden Langdon AB
H. Minkee Robinson (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Hal J. Friesen (2 banquets) Edmonton AB
Halli Lilburn Lethbridge AB
Harley Keryluke Red Deer AB
He who shall be named Calgary AB
Heather Macdonald High River AB
Heather Wilkey (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Henry Padilla Edmonton AB
Hilary Faktor (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Howie Erickson Calgary AB
Hugh Calgary AB
Ian Benke Calgary AB
Ilonka Halsband Moose Jaw SK
Inga Nelson Calgary AB
Inge Johansen Calgary AB
Inna Calgary AB
Isaac Dymock Leduc AB
J.M. (Jeanette) Dover (1 banquet) Calgary AB
JB Riley Chicago IL
JD Poots (1 banquet) Edmonton AB
JE (Jayne) Barnard Calgary AB
JJ Carroll Calgary AB
JM Landels Langley BC
JP Todd (1 banquet) New Westminster BC
Jack Patterson Calgary AB
Jack Penner Coaldale AB
Jack Richardson Calgary AB
Jackson Prather Calgary AB
Jacqueline Duczek Regina SK
Jacqueline Louie Calgary AB
Jacqueline Price Calgary AB
Jacqueline Sawyer Kelowna BC
James Red Deer AB
James Alan Gardner (Guest, 1 banquet)
James Dunsmuir Calgary AB
James Hutchison Calgary AB
James Ocean (1 banquet) Edmonton AB
James Trettwer Regina SK
Jamie Marriott Chestermere AB
Jane Paulson Cochrane AB
Jane Snyder Calgary AB
Janelle Johnson Coaldale AB
Janet Bassingthwaite (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Janet Gurtler Okotoks AB
Janet Hunter Calgary AB
Janice Calgary AB
Jarrod Anderson Edmonton AB
Jasmin Canmore AB
Jason Winters (1 banquet) Peace River AB
Jawad Coaldale AB
Jay Martin Edmonton AB
Jean McCarthy Lethbridge AB
Jeff Doten Calgary AB
Jeff Krehmer Blackfalds AB
Jeff Porter Burnaby BC
Jeff R. Campbell Calgary AB
Jeff Ryan Edmonton AB
Jen Laface Edmonton AB
Jenna Greene Lethbridge AB
Jennie Hunter Saskatoon SK
Jennifer Chevais Airdrie AB
Jennifer Ferrand Calgary AB
Jennifer Nilsson Calgary AB
Jennifer Rahn Calgary AB
Jennifer Svoboda Calgary AB
Jenny Talaber Chilliwack BC
Jessica Fabrizius Seattle WA
Jessica L. Jackson (1 banquet) Lethbridge AB
Jessica Renwick Red Deer AB
Jessie Pyne (1 banquet) Saskatoon SK
Jill Atkins Calgary AB
Jillian Bell Lumsden SK
Jim Fogarty Calgary AB
Jim Jackson Calgary AB
Jo Holloway Calgary AB
Joan Botkin Calgary AB
Joan van Dolder (2 banquets) Edmonton AB
Joanne Carnegie Montreal QC
Joanne's Poetry Plus (Merchant) Calgary AB
Jodi McIsaac Calgary AB
Joe High River AB
Joe Elder Calgary AB
John B Calgary AB
John Cooper Calgary AB
John Maher Calgary AB
John Tabaka (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Jonas Saul (Guest, 2 banquets) Kelowna BC
Jonathon Himann Calgary AB
Josee Perron Calgary AB
Joshua Pantalleresco Calgary AB
Joshua Pitre Strathmore AB
Judith Clark Calgary AB
Judith Pettersen (1 banquet) Flin Flon MB
Judy Sylvan Lake AB
Julia Calgary AB
Julie Hiner (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Julie Thompson Lacombe AB
Justin Acton Calgary AB
Justin Snaith Calgary AB
Justine Ciolacu (1 banquet) Regina SK
Justine Murray Calgary AB
Justine Smith Airdrie AB
K. Caine Saskatoon SK
K. Gordon Neufeld Alplaus NY
K.T. Wabick Calgary AB
KL Webster Claresholm AB
Kali Birks Gallup Airdrie AB
Karen A. Chase Richmond VA
Karen Barnstable (1 banquet) Kelowna BC
Karen Craig Calgary AB
Karen O'Sullivan Cookson Calgary AB
Karen Schaefer (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Karl Buchner Calgary AB
Karley Calgary AB
Kasia Runte (1 banquet) Lethbridge AB
Kat Flannery (Guest, 1 banquet)
Kate Behr Calgary AB
Kate Penner Coaldale AB
Katelyn Reczek Calgary AB
Kathe Lieber (1 banquet) Monteal QC
Katherine Walker Victoria BC
Kathleen Ladislaus Ladner BC
Kathryn Mcneil Edmonton AB
Kathy Seifert Canmore AB
Katie Harse Calgary AB
Katie O'Connor (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Kay (1 banquet) Salmon Arm BC
Keith Hann Calgary AB
Kelly Calgary AB
Kelly Komm Edmonton AB
Ken Sylvan Lake AB
Ken Martens Calgary AB
Ken Trumble Calgary AB
Kes L. Radford Calgary AB
Kevin Cockle Calgary AB
Kevin Shaw Calgary AB
Kevin Weir Calgary AB
Kim Calgary AB
Kim Greyson (1 banquet) Balzac AB
Kim Lightle Edmonton AB
Kimberly Gould Edmonton AB
Kimberly Ihekwoaba Calgary AB
Konn Lavery Edmonton AB
Kristal Turner Calgary AB
Kyera Lea (1 banquet) Calgary AB
L.A. Smith Drayton Valley AB
Lacey Henzylle Padilla Edmonton AB
Lacie Brown Walnut Creek CA
Lacy Lieffers Winnipeg MB
Laina Kelly Edmonton AB
Laura Fizelle Edmonton AB
Laura VanArendonk Baugh Indianapolis IN
Laura Wershler Calgary AB
Laura-Jean Calgary AB
Lauranne Hemmingway (1 banquet) Innisfail AB
Lauren Martens Calgary AB
Lauren Seaton (1 banquet) Maple Ridge BC
Laurie Cunningham Calgary AB
Laurie Geschke (1 banquet) Maple Ridge BC
Laurie Hodges Humble Innisfail AB
Laurie Zottmann Calgary AB
Leann Edmonton AB
Leanne Shirtliffe (Guest, 1 banquet) Calgary AB
Lee Scalia Calgary AB
Lesley Ferguson Calgary AB
Leslie Johnson Lethbridge AB
Leslie Sawchenko Calgary AB
Leslie Scrimshaw High River AB
Leslie Van Zwol Lethbridge AB
Lex J. Grootelaar Edmonton AB
Liezel Pailla Edmonton AB
Lila Klassen Edmonton AB
Linda DesRoches Calgary AB
Linda Keith Edmonton AB
Linda Sanche Calgary AB
Linda Temple Calgary AB
Linda Wolfe Calgary AB
Lindsay Ross Calgary AB
Lindsey Claresholm AB
Lisa Caroglanian Dorazio (1 banquet) Abbotsford BC
Lisa Daiker (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Lisa Mangum (Guest, 1 banquet)
Lisa Wilde Regina SK
Lisa Ziebarth Calgary AB
Lise Brassard Calgary AB
Loraine Fowlow Calgary AB
Loretta Biasutti Calgary AB
Lori Wetaskiwin AB
Lori Johnstone Cochrane AB
Lori-Ann Syskakis (1 banquet)
Lorraine Erickson Calgary AB
Lorraine Pearson Calgary AB
Lou Sytsma St Albert AB
Louise Arnott Calgary AB
Louise Marley Port Townsend WA
Lucas Law Calgary AB
Luke Hermanson Calgary AB
Lyla Reid Sherwood Park AB
Lynal Izsak Regina SK
Lynda Allison Oshawa ON
Lynn Calgary AB
Lynne Tonita (1 banquet) Onoway AB
M Jane Colette (1 banquet) Calgary AB
M. H. Callway Toronto ON
Mackenzie Millward Cardston AB
Maegan Lebreche Kelowna BC
Magixxa Calgary AB
Mansoor Ladha Calgary AB
Maraya Loza Koxahn Calgary AB
Marcy Fogal (1 banquet) Kingsville ON
Marg Roseneder Calgary AB
Margaret Calgary AB
Margaret Anne Willett Regina SK
Maria Taylor Okotoks AB
Marie St. Albert AB
Marie Powell Regina SK
Marilyn Kriete Kelowna BC
Mario Chavez Calgary AB
Marjorie Thomson Edmonton AB
Mark Calgary AB
Mark Kolke Calgary AB
Mark Leslie Lefebvre Hamilton ON
Mark Posey (1 banquet) Edmonton AB
Mark Ross Calgary AB
Marlo Lanz Edmonton AB
Martina Payette Calgary AB
Mary Byrne Calgary AB
Mary Lou DeRidder Blackfalds AB
Mary Spensley Calgary AB
Mary-Jane Brocklehurst Calgary AB
Matthew Wells Lethbridge AB
Maureen Hart (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Maureen Haseloh De Winton AB
Maureen Pyne (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Megan Cheesbrough Saskatoon SK
Megan Fennell Lethbridge AB
Meghan Red Deer AB
Melanie Masterson Calgary AB
Melissa Edmonton AB
Melissa Poettcker Blackfalds AB
Melody Bundt Cochrane AB
Merilyn Liddell Crowsnest Pass AB
Michael Doll (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Michael Gillett Calgary AB
Michael Marr Red Deer AB
Michaela Ritchie Calgary AB
Mike Rimar Whitby ON
Mike Thompson (2 banquets) Calgary AB
Miranda Peace River AB
Miranda Cates Calgary AB
Mirella Patzer Cochrane AB
Missy Calgary AB
Monica Lomond Red Deer AB
Monica Zwikstra (1 banquet) Lundbreck AB
Morgan Butler Calgary AB
Morgan Wournell Airdrie AB
Myshyniuk Calgary AB
Naccole David Red Deer AB
Nancy M. Bell Rocky View Country AB
Naomi Kennedy Calgary AB
Natalia Yanchak (1 banquet) Montreal QC
Neil Enock Calgary AB
NewGuyDave Calgary AB
Nick Edmonton AB
Nicola Dahlin Calgary AB
Nicole Nanton AB
Nicole Bross (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Nicole Luiken Edmonton AB
Nicole Vandermuelen Calgary AB
Nicolle Browne Surrey BC
Nikki Calgary AB
Nikol Popovics Calgary AB
Nikolette Jones Sherwood Park AB
Nikoline Thomson Edmonton AB
Nina (9-ah) Evashkevich Fort McMurray AB
Nina Munteanu Toronto ON
Oban Brownlee Calgary AB
Olyn Ozbick Calgary AB
Oryst Kowal Calgary AB
Owl's Nest Books (Merchant) Calgary AB
P. J. Vernon Calgary AB
Pamela Kenney Calgary AB
Pamela Mcdowell Calgary AB
Park Layton (1 banquet) Westbank BC
Parker Gray Calgary AB
Patricia Johnson Calgary AB
Patricia O'Neill (1 banquet) Red Deer AB
Patrick Kelly Edmonton AB
Patti Nielson Cochrane AB
Paul Deleske Calgary AB
Paul Swift Calgary AB
Paula Jane Remlinger Beaver Creek SK
Paula Johanson Victoria BC
Rachel Edmonton AB
Rachel Baird Calgary AB
Rachelle Couturier Calgary AB
Raina Schnider (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Rand Ayres (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Randi-Lee Ryder Calgary AB
Randy Calgary AB
Randy McCharles (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Randy Nikkel Schroeder Calgary AB
Randy Noble Calgary AB
Rayna Gunvaldsen Airdrie AB
Rebecca Brae Calgary AB
Rebecca Cowan Calgary AB
Rebecca Melenka Calgary AB
Rebecca Piazza Airdrie AB
Rena Mason Reno NV
Rena Traxel Onoway AB
Renee Bennett Calgary AB
Renee Duke Kelowna BC
Rev. Kathleen Ratuski Calgary AB
Rhonda Bollum Airdrie AB
Rhonda Parrish Edmonton AB
Richard Bartrop (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Richard Bishop Calgary AB
Richard Gray Calgary AB
Rick Gillis (1 banquet) Lethbridge AB
Rick Overwater Calgary AB
Rob Bose Calgary AB
Rob McWilliam Black Diamond AB
Robert J. Sawyer Mississauga ON
Robert Runte (1 banquet) Lethbridge AB
Robert Shannon Calgary AB
Robert W. Easton Cochrane AB
Robyn Dansereau Mclean SK
Robyn Roste Abbotsford BC
Ron (R.J) Hore Winnipeg MB
Ron Bender Calgary AB
Ron Clarke Cochrane AB
Ron Friedman (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Ron Oswald (1 banquet) Milk River AB
Rosemary Taylor Calgary AB
Ryan Chartier Edmonton AB
Ryan Mitchel Calgary AB
Sabina Millar Calgary AB
Salem Wolfe Langdon AB
Samantha Davidson (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Sandra Fitzpatrick (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Sandra Hurst Calgary AB
Sandra Somers Calgary AB
Sandy Bezanson Calgary AB
Sandy Krausnick Calgary AB
Sarah Kades Graham (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Sarah MacDonald Redcliff AB
Savannah Cardston AB
Scott Lethbridge AB
Scott Gray Salmon Arm BC
Sean Crawford Calgary AB
Sean MacCath-Moran South Haven NS
Sean Symanczyk Calgary AB
Selene O’Rourke Calgary AB
Sentry Box (Merchant) Calgary AB
Serena Alibhai Calgary AB
Shane Kroetsch Airdrie AB
Shannon Allen DeWinton AB
Shannon McClennan-Taylor Calgary AB
Shannon Still Lethbridge AB
Sharie Keith Edmonton AB
Sharon Christie Airdrie AB
Sharon Wildwind Calgary AB
Sharron Blaine Calgary AB
ShaunaLee Curwin Strathmore AB
Shawn Bird (1 banquet) Salmon Arm BC
Shawna Johnson Bashaw AB
Shayler Calgary AB
Shelly Campbell Cochrane AB
Shelly Kassian (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Sherene Khaw Edmonton AB
Sherile Reilly Calgary AB
Sherri Fraser Calgary AB
Sherry Oswald (1 banquet) Milk River AB
Sherry Russell (1 banquet) Port Coquitlam BC
Sherry Wilson McEwen (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Shirlee Smith Matheson Calgary AB
Shonna Beattie Medicine Hat AB
Shvaugn Craig Drumheller AB
Simon Boehm Saskatoon SK
Simon Rose Calgary AB
Simon Stringer Edmonton AB
Sofie Elliott Surrey BC
Sonder Calgary AB
Sonny Cochrane AB
Stacey Boivin Calgary AB
Stacey Kondla (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Stephanie Galay (1 banquet) Kelowna BC
Stephen Ullstrom Edmonton AB
Steve Pikov (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Steve Swanson Airdrie AB
Sue Calgary AB
Susan Brown Calgary AB
Susan Calder Calgary AB
Susan Forest (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Susan MacGregor Edmonton AB
Susan McMaster (1 banquet) Ottawa ON
Susan Nguyen Calgary AB
Susanne McLarty Calgary AB
Suzanne Cooper Calgary AB
Suzanne Stengl Calgary AB
Suzy Vadori (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Sydney Low (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Taija Morgan Calgary AB
Talena Winters (1 banquet) Peace River AB
Tammy Chopyk Calgary AB
Tammy Lyn Carbol Calgary AB
Tammy Nelson Calgary AB
Tania Therien Calgary AB
Taryn Alard Calgary AB
Tasha Lyn Calgary AB
Teresa McLaren Calgary AB
Teresa van Bryce Strathmore AB
Thea van Diepen Edmonton AB
Theo Richmond hill ON
Theresa Adair Michiel (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Theresa Keith Edmonton AB
Therese Greenwood Fort McMurray AB
Tiegan Lacaille Qualicum Beach BC
Tiffany Sostar Calgary AB
Tim Feist Calgary AB
Tim O'Grady Edmonton AB
Tim Reynolds Calgary AB
Timothy Anderson Edmonton AB
Tony King (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Tony Phillips San Diego CA
Tracy Okotoks AB
Tracy Cooper-Posey (1 banquet) Edmonton AB
Tracy Fox Calgary AB
Tracy Harrington Calgary AB
Trisha Loehr Calgary AB
VI Peace Calgary AB
Val Gertzen Chestermere AB
Val King (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Vanessa Cardui Calgary AB
Vanessa Sit Calgary AB
Vicki Lockwood Canmore AB
Vicky Calgary AB
Victoria Chatham Carstairs AB
Vidisha Pahwa Calgary AB
Wanda Landis Sundre AB
Wanda Pedersen Calgary AB
Wayne Oak (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Wendy (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Wendy Ireland Calgary AB
Wendy Kraft Calgary AB
Wendy Passmore Calgary AB
Wendy Taylor Regina SK
Will Arnold Calgary AB
William A. Gardner (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Willow Martens Calgary AB
Winston Pei (1 banquet) Edmonton AB
r&all Calgary AB