Preparation and Amenities

Are you ready for When Words Collide?

We know you are excited about our upcoming event, but are you really prepared to take advantage of all we offer?

Here are a few tips, thoughts, and information that will help you get the most from our little get together.

Arriving at the Festival

The festival check-in table is located in the lobby of the Atrium building outside the Merchants Corner (Nakiska Ballroom). Please have ID ready to pick up your festival badge and program book. The check-in table opens on the festival Friday at 12 PM and remains open during daytime hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If there is a line-up and you need to be at a festival event, please attend your event and return to the check-in table for your materials at your earliest convenience. Festival 2017 registration is available at the check-in table on Sunday.

Stuff to Prepare

Things to prepare before the festival:

  1. Advance Sign-up for Pitch Sessions and Blue Pencil Cafe

    Advance sign-up for Pitch Sessions & Blue Pencil Café will be available via email in June (a notice will be posted). For any unfilled session, a sign-up sheet will be available outside the Boardroom during program hours starting at 1 PM Friday.

  2. Autograph Session: On Saturday evening we are hosting an autograph session from 8-9 PM where 50+ authors, including our festival guests, will be available to sign books. This event is open to the public, so tell your friends and bring books to be signed. (A list of participating authors will be posted once finalized.)
  3. Book Sales: If you are an author, check with the appropriate publishers and book sellers to be sure they have your books available in the Merchants' Corner. If they don't carry your books, ask about the authors' cooperative table for unrepresented authors.
  4. Manuscripts: A few things you can do.
    1. Live Action Slush: Bring the first 1-2 pages of your novel or short story to be read anonymously out loud and get feedback from our panel of experts on what happens when your submission hits the slush pile. (No one will know it is your manuscript unless you tell them.)
    2. Blue Pencil Café: Bring 1-2 pages of your manuscript (typed, 12-point font, double-spaced) and get advice from an industry professional.*
    3. Pitch Session: Run your pitch by an acquisition editor or other industry professional for advice and perhaps a submission request.*
  5. Saturday evening banquet: Details here.
  6. Food, Glorious Food

    WWC 2016 Restaurant and Area Guide
    WWC 2016 Restaurant and Area Guide

    We have a restaurant guide available so you can see where to get food within strolling distance of the festival.