Advance Registration for Pitch Sessions, Blue Pencil Café, and Saturday Night Readings

The Pitch Sessions, Blue Pencil Café, and Saturday Night Readings schedules are now available based on preferences received during our advance sign-up window. We apologize for the lateness of the posting. Illness has delayed many of our volunteer efforts.

Due to doubling our meeting space for Blue Pencil Café & Pitch Sessions, we were able to accommodate most of the requests received. Some sessions, however, were overbooked and we were not able to accommodate everyone. There are also a number of sessions with available timeslots. Please review the [schedule PDF] to confirm sessions and timeslots we were able to provide you. If you wish to drop a session or take an available timeslot, let us know at as we will continue to update the schedule until August 9th. After August 9th, please check during the festival with the volunteers outside Heritage or Jasper (whichever is appropriate) to cancel or sign up for an available timeslot.

Included at the bottom of the PDF is our Saturday Night Reading Schedule. There are 3 reading spots still available early in the schedule (before 7:30).

Note: Unlike at many writers conference, these sessions are offered by the editors and agents at no extra charge. Please respect their time and generosity by properly preparing for your session.

Click here for the Pitch Session / Blue Pencil Café schedule.