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Online Registration
Mail-in Registration

Online Registration

Membership #1The online registration system allows you to enter the information for up to four registrations at once. If you are entering fewer registrations you MUST start with Membership #1.

Holding your mouse pointer over the name of a registration field (such as Full Name) should display a description of the information required for that field.

Given Name is your first (personal) name if you follow North American and European naming conventions. Similarly, Family Name is your last name for Europeans.

Even if your culture places the family name first please enter the name in the order given so that your membership can be filed correctly. It's a pain for everyone if your name isTakemori Fujiko and your membership is filed under Fujiko instead of Takemori.

If your name contains an accented character (such as é) you can show this by typing a tilde (~) immediately after the accented character. For example, the name Renée would be entered as Rene~e. It will appear correctly in the membership list.

Enter your Telephone number as you usually would. We don't care if there are punctuation and/or spaces as long as we can reach you if we must. Don't forget your country and/or area code.

Make sure that the E-mail address you enter is one that you check regularly. We can't be held responsible for problems in communication if you don't pick up your mail. The only purpose for which your e-mail address will be used is communication between the ConCom and you. We do not share your address with anyone else.

Who are you? lets us determine the kinds of people who are registering for the convention so we can tailor the programming to our audience.

If you wish to be on our mailing list you will receive short updates by E-mail every few weeks until the convention as well as notification of the next convention. You will NOT receive E-mails from third parties or a lot of garbage.

Select the correct membership type for this registration. Children under the age of 8 at the time of the convention are free. Children between the ages of 8 and 12 must be accompanied by an attending adult at all times while at the convention. Please bring proof of age to the convention with you. Students must have student ID valid for in oder to qualify for the reduced rate.

If you register more than one person at a time you must fill in the Given Name, do not have to fill in the address, phone number or e-mail address for anyone after the first registration if they are the same. If you are registering people at other addresses or who have other phone number or e-mail addresses these must be entered or we'll be sending all their information to you.

Mail-in Registration

Mail-in registration is pretty easy. Instructions are on page 2 of the registration form.

Print out page 1 only (no need to send us our own instructions) and fill out the form. Our mailing address is on page 2 of the form or you can find it on the left side of this page..

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