Preparation and Amenities

Are you ready for When Words Collide?

We know you are excited about our upcoming event, but are you really prepared to take advantage of all we offer?

Here are a few tips, thoughts, and information that will help you get the most from our little get together.

Stuff to Prepare

Things to prepare before the festival:

  1. Autograph Sessions: Did you bring your books to be autographed? If not, I'm sure our Merchants' Corner can supply your book needs. Our Guests of Honour will have two autographing sessions at the convention. As well, many other attending authors will be signing books in the Merchants' Corner. Come by regularly to see who's there!
  2. Book Sales: If you are an author, check with the Sentry Box or Owls' Nest books to be sure they have your books on sale at the Merchants' Corner. If not, contact WWC ahead of time to inquire about the authors' cooperative table. Bring your books Friday, sit and sell for an hour over the weekend, and pick up your unsold books/cash on Sunday. And, sign up in the Merchants' Corner to autograph your books!
  3. IFWA Table: The Imaginative Fiction Writers Association has bought a table in the Merchants' Corner and is giving this service free of charge to all authors attending When Words Collide, whether they are members of IFWA or not (thank you, IFWA!). Renée Bennett has volunteered to coordinate people to man the table. The concept is this: if each author selling books sits the table for an hour or so, and sells all the other authors' books, then the table is fully manned for the whole conference with minimum effort on anyone's part: everyone wins! Last year, 33 books were sold; as well, authors get exposure for their books and can do signings while they sit the table.
    If you are interested, please read over the following guidelines and contact Renée Bennett at to express interest. Renée will be setting up the schedule.
    1. The author may put three titles on the table (more if space is available). However, none of the titles on the table can be available from other vendors at the convention. Titles which are available through other vendors must be sold through those vendors. However, you may have a display copy on the table.
    2. Authors with books on the table must volunteer for at least one hour manning the table. They may volunteer for more than one hour. First come, first served, regarding times.
    3. Please state author name, title(s), numbers of copies of each title brought, and prices of same ahead of time. This can also be done at the table, but it's easier to organise things if the information is available sooner.
    4. Books may be dropped off at the table on Friday, August 10, at 5:30 P.M.. If someone is at the table earlier, they may be dropped off earlier. Books may be dropped off at the table at any time during the convention when there is a person manning the table. Authors may drop off as many as they feel will sell. Be aware that extras may be used as furniture, however!
    5. Some stands and other display paraphernalia will be available, but authors are encouraged to bring their own. Labels are good.
    6. Giveaways (bookmarks, business cards, cookies, fine Flemish chocolates, free vacations in Hawaii) are not necessary, but are encouraged.
  4. Remember: we start earlier this year! Registration opens at noon and programming at 1:00 PM
  5. If you have a manuscript or two you would like feedback on, dust it off. There are a few offerings that will help with this.
    1. Blue Pencil Café: Bring 1-2 pages of your latest manuscript (typed, 12-point font, double-spaced) for our Blue Pencil Cafés to get advice from an industry professional. Sign-up sheets will be in the Merchant's Corner central table until just before the session starts. If you miss signing up, you can line up outside the door in case of a vacant spot or cancellation.
    2. Live Action Slush: Bring your manuscript to be read anonymously out loud. No one will know it is your manuscript unless you tell them. Here you will get feedback not only from our panel of experts but audience reaction will also give you an idea of what they think. We will have an area available at the registration area where you can place the first couple of pages of your manuscript up to an hour before the panel so anonymity can be retained.
    3. Pitch Session: Rehearse your pitch for Pitch Sessions with our editors and publishers. Sign-up sheets will be in the Merchant's Corner central table until just before the session starts. If you miss signing up, you can line up outside the door in case of a vacant spot or cancellation.
  6. Poetry Open Mic: Don't forget to write poetry to read aloud at our Poetry Open Mic! Sign-up sheets will be in the Merchant's Corner central table until just before the session starts. If you miss signing up, you can line up outside the door in case of a vacant spot or cancellation.
  7. Vanessa Cardui Concert: Bring your dancing shoes. Saturday night is Vanessa Cardui's concert, followed by Music Open Mic Free to all!
  8. Aurora Banquet: Buy tickets online prior to August 1 if you wish to attend our Aurora Awards Banquet. Or, simply show up after the banquet to attend the awards!
  9. Parties!
    Set aside your Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings for socials and parties. Remember: even though a party may be sponsored by one Affiliate group or another, they are open to everyone at the convention. Plan to drift from one to the next, and meet and mingle with your favourite authors, Guests of Honour and fellow readers!
    Date/Time Room Sponsor
    Friday 9 PM - late 535 SF Canada & OnSpec Magazine (honouring the Aurora nominees)
    Friday 9 PM - late 536 CaRWA (Calgary Association of Romance Writers of America)
    Friday 9 PM - late 537 Bundoran Press, Breathless Press, & the 10th Circle Project
    Friday 10 PM - late TBA IFWA Friday Night Readings (Imaginative Fiction Writers Association)
    Saturday 9 PM - late 535 IFWA (honouring the Aurora winners)
    Saturday 9 PM - late 536 AWCS (Alexandra Writers? Centre Society)
    Saturday 9 PM - late 537 Edge Press
    Saturday 9 PM - late TBA ChiZine Publications Fall Launch Party. Come celebrate with CZP authors and fans! Booze, books & babes!
    Saturday 9 PM - late TBA Calgary Steampunk Assemblage
    Sunday 7 PM - late 535 When Words Collide wrap-up party
    Sunday 7 PM - late 536 Filk Circle - strum a guitar, bang a drum, sing a song

Readings! Readings! Readings!

Many of our guests of honour are coming into town a day or two early and have agreed to do some readings outside our little gathering. Their books will also be on sale at the reading sites if you wish to purchase them and get a couple of autographs early. Here is the schedule:

Thursday, August 9th:The University of Calgary will be hosting a reading at 7 PM on Thursday on the main floor of the new Gallery Hall in the Tailor Family Library.
For anyone that needs these, here are the links to the U of C Campus Map and the U of C Parking Map.

Friday August 10th:The Calgary Public Library will be hosting a reading at noon on the main floor of the William Castell Central Library.

Getting to the Hotel

We know not everybody will be arriving the same way, so here are some ideas on how to get to our little gathering:

  • Public Transit: Calgary Transit has a rapid bus (The 300 — insert Spartan joke here) that runs from the airport to downtown. This runs 5am - midnight seven days a week. The cost is $8.00 using a special transit pass that can be purchased from the Mac's in the airport terminal. Once downtown, you need to take a NW LRT Train ("Crowfoot train") to the Banff Trail station. This train is accessed on the north side of 7th avenue. This same transit pass used to get downtown will also apply to the C-Train so there is no extra cost from downtown. From the Banff Trail station it's a quick walk south (approx 1/2 block) to the hotel.
    • To get back to the airport you will need to take the C-Train downtown at a cost of $2.75. This can be purchased individually at terminals in each C-Train station (exact change) or packs of 10 can be purchased at most convenience stores. Once downtown you can then transfer to the rapid bus (300) to the airport at no additional cost.
  • Shuttle: There is also a shuttle service that runs from the airport to downtown. This runs between 7am and midnight. Technically they run to the downtown hotels but several hotels are on 7th avenue where the C-Train stops so you can still take this (I'd get on/off at the Hyatt Regency, the station across the street will take you to the hotel). This shuttle costs $15. You'll still have to take the C-Train to/from the hotel from there. The cost of the C-Train at this point is $2.75 and can either be purchased individually at terminals found at each station (exact change) or in packs of 10 at the Mac's in the airport terminal.
  • Taxi: Associated Cab is the airport's official taxi service. The approximate cost to go from the airport to our hotel is around $45 to $50
  • Driving: The hotel is located at 1804 Crowchild trail NW. To access the hotel, however, you do need to take either the 23rd Avenue turnoff or the Banff Trail Turn off and access the hotel from behind. The hotel has lots of inexpensive underground parking as well as some free above ground parking.

Food, Glorious Food

We have a restaurant guide available so you can see where to get food within strolling distance of the festival.

At the Festival

  1. Registration opens at noon on Friday and 9am on Saturday. While we try our best to be organised we are all human. It is strongly suggested you bring proof of payment with you just in case there is an error in our records.
  2. Don't forget to sign up for the Kaffee Klatschs and hand in a manuscript for the Live Action Slushes.
  3. And finally, Don't forget to bring your sense of excitement, awe, and wonder. We'll see you on August 10!