Program Item Description

Creatures Of The Night

A late night discussion of how Vampires have evolved in fiction over time and how they have been used by writers in many genres including Horror, Romance, Science Fiction, and even Westerns.

Kaffee Klatsch

A 50 minute chat with one of our Guests of Honour limited to 15 people. There will be signup sheets on site.

Blue Pencil Café

A 10 minute manuscript critique by a editor or author. Manuscripts may be of any type an genre, including poetry but will be limited in word length (TBA). There will be signup sheets on site.

Pitch Sessions

A 5 minute session to verbally pitch your project and get some feedback from an editor or author. Pitch should consist of all 3 of the common 'opportunity' pitches presented in order:

  • 1 phrase 'elevator' pitch. Eg. Robin Hood meets Eureka, California
  • 1 sentence pitch
  • 1 paragraph pitch

The session editor or author will provide feedback on your pitch as well as your pitch idea. There will be signup sheets on site.

Live Action Slush

Also known as Writers Idol. Bring the 1st page of your manuscript to this panel to be read aloud by a professional speaker and commented on by a panel of editors. There will be no signup sheet for these panels. Hand your page in at the start of the panel and as many will be read as time permits.

Readers Theatre

A series of dialogue-only short fictional pieces written and performed by local authors.

Short Story Contest Judging

The annual contest judging for the Robyn Herrington Memorial Short Story Contest. Authors will be praised (or not) and cash will be awarded.

Worth Reading

Book collectors discuss recent and upcoming releases (without providing spoilers) with the goal of informing the audience which books may appeal to them.

Writers At The Improv

The annual improvisational story creation exercise put on by the Imaginative Fiction Writers Association. If you have never witnessed the humour and despair of the Improv, check it out.