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August 13 to 15, 2021
August 13 to 15, 2021
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The 2021 Online Edition of When Words Collide

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2020 (Virtual) Statistics

> 1000
Top 5 Attended Sessions
Fix that Manuscript!100
Ten Things I Wish I’d Known100
Turning Your Creative Goals into Reality in Today's 2020100
Emotion in Fiction100
Pace and Flow100

2019 Statistics

Top 10 Attended Sessions
Guest of Honour Keynotes124
This is Your Brain on Words114
Writing from the Body—the Physicality of Showing Emotion109
The Editor Is In: A Live Editing Demonstration109
Common Manuscript Problems101
PTSD: Not all wounds are visible100
Evil Mind Dive93
“What you say?” Or, Writing Dialogue92
The 7 Ps of Publishing Success90
Getting the Character’s Emotion on the Page86

2018 Statistics

Top 10 Attended Sessions
Guest of Honour Keynotes180
The Art of the Plot Twist100
Pressure Point with Detective Dave Sweet99
How to Write a Good Pitch and Query95
Digging Up the Past: Understanding the Power of an Emotional Wound 93
Creating Tension75
Creative History73
Non-Medieval Fantasy and Alternate Fantasy Settings73
Traditional Publishing Contracts: Fairness or F*ckery?70
Writing Emotion - Friendship, Rivalry and Love68

2017 Statistics

Top 10 Attended Sessions
Guest of Honour Keynotes156
The Write Tech Tools for Authors116
The Reading That Never Was: An Hour with Guy Gavriel Kay100
Common Manuscript Problems90
Worldbuilding: The Lazy Bastard Way86
Will Ferguson on Publishing & Writing86
Managing Sustained Writing Projects84
The Killer Opening — Hook, Line and Sinker78
Maximizing Your Author Revenue71
What Makes a Genre Story Literary – and Vice Versa?71

2016 Statistics

Top 10 Attended Panels
Keynote Addresses211
Common Manuscript Problems91
How to Write a Good Pitch and Query90
Writing Snappy Dialogue87
David Suchet as Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot84
No Wallflowers Allowed: Setting69
World Builders!67
45 Tips for Effective Dialogue67
Scrivener & Evernote: Essential Tech Tools for Authors65
World-Building: The Complexity of Ecosystems63

2015 Statistics

Top 10 Attended Panels
Keynote Addresses251
An Hour with Diana Gabaldon174
Historical License108
Festival Guest Readings107
An Hour with Brandon Mull106
Science Fiction and the Future95
Breaking In: The Query Letter and the Pitch87
How to Write a Good Pitch and Query84
Writing the Scene80
On Writing80

2014 Statistics

Top 10 Attended Panels
Keynote Addresses197
Brandon Sanderson on Craft131
How to Build a Consistent and Original Magic System128
An Hour with Brandon Sanderson96
Live Action Slush: Fantasy Edition96
RPG Storytelling85
Motivated Characters83
How to Write a Good Pitch and Query79
Live Action Slush: Early Bird Edition78
Successful Self-Publishing74

2013 Statistics

Top 10 Attended Panels
Keynote Addresses180
Getting Past the Middle Doldrums in Novel Writing82
How To Write A Good Pitch and Query75
Building an Audience Online and Off61
Self Editing: Mastering Revision & Polish58
Inside the Criminal Mind56
Making the Everyday Fantastic55
The Publisher's Panel54
Building a Story from the Bottom Up54
Live Action Slush: Science Fiction Edition52

2012 Statistics

Top 10 Attended Panels
Keynote Addresses119
Conflict and Tension101
Eleven Tips to Increase Your Writing Productivity90
Writer as Editor90
Mastering Point of View87
The Psychology of Criminals and Villains82
Humour in Fiction81
Dead Men Still Talking67
Show, Don't Tell: Writing Nonverbal Emotion67
Live Action Slush - Early Bird Edition66

2011 Statistics

Top 10 Attended Panels
Turning History into Fiction71
Dead Men Do Talk70
Silencing Your Inner Saboteur66
Fostering the Creative Process63
Live Action Slush - Edge53
Mysticism, Religion and Magic in Fiction51
How to Write a Good Pitch and Query50
Live Action Slush - RJS & Bundoran48
Let's Talk About Sex48
Writing Difficult Scenes44

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