Tenth Edition

August 14 to 16, 2020
Delta Calgary South, Calgary, Alberta
August 14 to 16, 2020
There are
305 days
The Tenth Annual Edition of When Words Collide

Festival Pass Holders List

Please note that, once you have paid online, there may be a delay of up to two days before your registration shows up in this list. If you registered in person or by mail it may take several weeks.

So far, as of 2019-10-13 01:00 PDT, we have 245 passholders and guests registered for the upcoming festival. 25 passholders asked not to be listed here. If you don't have your pass yet, get it now!

Adriaan Brae Cochrane AB
Alison Lohans Regina SK
Amanda Eifert Edmonton AB
Amanda Proudfoot (1 banquet) Edmonton AB
Amanda Witow (1 banquet) Regina SK
Amy D. Nelson Grande Prairie AB
Andrew Czarnietzki Edmonton AB
Andy Ma Calgary AB
Angela Bell Calgary AB
Ann Cooney Calgary AB
Anne Hodgson Calgary AB
Anne Rothery (1 banquet) Westerose AB
Ariel Kroon Edmonton AB
Athen Davis Calgary AB
Barb Geiger Lethbridge AB
Barbara Baker Calgary AB
Barbara Thompson (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Barbara Tomporowski Regina SK
Belle Auld Calgary AB
Blair J Lindsay Airdrie AB
Brenna Davies Calgary AB
Brock Sansome Raymond AB
Bryan Gooding Cochrane AB
Bryana Fraser Calgary AB
C. S. MacCath South Haven NS
C.J. Cheung Calgary AB
Caitlin A Michiel (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Candace Marshall (1 banquet) Red Deer AB
Candas Jane Dorsey Edmonton AB
Catherine Mackie (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Cathy Ace (Guest, 1 banquet)
Celeste A Peters Calgary AB
Charles Eastly Calgary AB
Child Lilburn Calgary AB
Chris (CC) Humphreys (1 banquet) Salt Spring Island BC
Chris Marrs Calgary AB
Christine Sopczak Calgary AB
Christopher Jessop Calgary AB
Cindy Morris Calgary AB
Cliff Samuels (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Colleen Cornez Calgary AB
Collette Burjack Calgary AB
Corrie DeWolfe (2 banquets) Edmonton AB
Craig Dilouie Calgary AB
Dale Speirs Calgary AB
Daniella San Martin-Feeney Edmonton AB
Dave Mcneil (1 banquet) Edmonton AB
Dave Reynolds (Guest, 1 banquet)
David Carr Airdrie AB
David Hunchak Saskatoon SK
David Wilde (1 banquet) Regina SK
Dawn Mccoy Edmonton AB
Debs Dawson Calgary AB
Devlin Gannon Calgary AB
Diane Volk Calgary AB
Dianne Young Martensville SK
Donna-Lee Wybert Calgary AB
Doug MacLellan Calgary AB
Dyane Stewart Lacombe AB
Eden Rayna Calgary AB
Eileen Capes (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Eileen Hartman Calgary AB
Elaine Lee Calgary AB
Eleanor Behr Calgary AB
Elisabeth Hegerat Lethbridge AB
Elizabeth Grotkowski (Banquet Only) Calgary AB
Ellie Brie Calgary AB
Emily Christina Varga Calgary AB
Erika Holt Calgary AB
Eryn Shannon Kollecker Calgary AB
Evelyne Pollock Coldwater ON
Faye Arcand Okanagan Falls BC
Faye Holt Calgary AB
Fonda Lee (Guest, 1 banquet)
G.W. Renshaw (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Gail Lowe Calgary AB
Geoff Fraser (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Glen Brown Calgary AB
Guest of Corrie DeWolfe #1 Edmonton AB
Halli Lilburn Lethbridge AB
Heather Ane Wilkey (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Howie Erickson Calgary AB
Ilonka Halsband Moose Jaw SK
J.E. (Jayne) Barnard Calgary AB
J.M. Dover Calgary AB
JLG Dufort (2 banquets) Airdrie AB
Jack Patterson Calgary AB
Jacqueline Duczek Regina SK
James Connolly (Banquet Only) Calgary AB
Jane Pilling-Cormick Burlington ON
Jane Rozek (1 banquet) Kelowna BC
Janet Bassingthwaite (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Janice Blaine Calgary AB
Jean McCarthy Lethbridge AB
Jen Laface Edmonton AB
Jenna Howard Calgary AB
Jennie Hunter Saskatoon SK
Jennifer Cockton (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Jessica Renwick Red Deer AB
Jessica Schaff Calgary AB
Jillian Bell Lumsden SK
Joanne Morcom Calgary AB
Jonas Saul Kelowna BC
Julie Hiner Calgary AB
June Pollock Calgary AB
Justin Acton Calgary AB
Justin Snaith Calgary AB
Justine Ciolacu (1 banquet) Regina SK
Justine Murray Calgary AB
Karl Buchner Calgary AB
Kat Flannery
Kate Behr Calgary AB
Kathleen Ladislaus (1 banquet) Ladner BC
Katie O'Connor Calgary AB
Ken Trumble Calgary AB
Kristal Turner Calgary AB
Kyera Lea (1 banquet) Calgary AB
LN Wilson (1 banquet) Lethbridge AB
Lacy Lieffers Winnipeg MB
Leann Edmonton AB
Leanne Shirtliffe Calgary AB
Lesley Renton Calgary AB
Leslie Sawchenko Calgary AB
Lisa Wilde (1 banquet) Regina SK
Lisa Ziebarth Calgary AB
Lise Mayne Nanton AB
Loraine Fowlow Calgary AB
Lori-Ann Syskakis
Lorraine Erickson Calgary AB
Lou Sytsma St. Albert AB
Lucas K. Law Calgary AB
Lyla Reid Sherwood Park AB
Lynda Allison Bookland ON
Lynne Tonita (1 banquet) Onoway AB
Maegan Lebreche Kelowna BC
Mansoor Ladha Calgary AB
Marcy Fogal (1 banquet) Kingsville ON
Marg Roseneder Calgary AB
Margaret MacLellan Calgary AB
Maria Taylor Calgary AB
Marie Banville St. Albert AB
Marie Powell Regina SK
Marilyn Kriete Kelowna AB
Mark Kolke Calgary AB
Mark Leslie Lefebvre (1 banquet) Hamilton ON
Matt Ullrich Edmonton AB
Maureen Hart (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Maureen Haseloh De Winton AB
Meredith Redcliff AB
Merilyn Liddell Blairmore AB
Michael Marr Red Deer AB
Michaela Ritchie (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Mike Thompson (2 banquets) Calgary AB
Mitch Ullrich Edmonton AB
Monica Zwikstra (1 banquet) Lundbreck AB
Morgan Rhodes (Guest, 1 banquet)
Nadine Seely (1 banquet) Coaldale AB
Nancy M. Bell Rocky View Country AB
Naomi Davis Cayley AB
Naomi Finley (1 banquet) Beaumont AB
Naomi Kennedy Calgary AB
Nick Begon (1 banquet) Sherwood Park AB
Nicole van der Cox Calgary AB
Nina Munteanu Toronto ON
Orin Bailey Calgary AB
Pamela Kenney Calgary AB
Patricia Johnson Calgary AB
Paul Deleske Calgary AB
Paul Shayler Calgary AB
R. Graeme Cameron (1 banquet) Nanaimo BC
Raina Schnider (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Rebecca Brae Cochrane AB
Rebekah Rozek Antkow Prince George BC
Renee Bennett Calgary AB
Renee Duke Kelowna BC
Richard Bishop Calgary AB
Rissa Johnson Vancouver BC
Robert Richards Calgary AB
Ron S. Friedman (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Rosemary Taylor Calgary AB
Sabrina Hayle Edmonton AB
Salem Wolfe Langdon AB
Sandra Fitzpatrick (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Sandy Reimer (1 banquet) Beiseker AB
Sarah MacDonald Redcliff AB
Sean Symanczyk Calgary AB
Shannon Allen Heritage Pointe AB
Shannon Mckenty (Banquet Only) Calgary AB
Sharon Wildwind Calgary AB
ShaunaLee Curwin Strathmore AB
Shawn L. Bird Salmon Arm BC
Shelley Kassian Calgary AB
Shelly Campbell (1 banquet) Cochrane AB
Sherri Fraser (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Sherry Wilson McEwen (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Shirlee Smith Matheson Calgary AB
Shonna Beattie Medicine Hat AB
Steena Holmes (Guest, 1 banquet)
Stephanie Galay Kelowna BC
Susan Calgary AB
Susan Calder Calgary AB
Susan Forest Calgary AB
Suzanne Stengl Calgary AB
Suzy Vadori Calgary AB
Tammy Chopyk Calgary AB
Theresa Adair Michiel (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Tiffany Sostar Calgary AB
Time Feist Calgary AB
Timothy Anderson Edmonton AB
Timothy Gwyn Kenora ON
Tony Blocker Calgary AB
Tony King Calgary AB
Ursula Jordaan Calgary AB
Val Gertzen Chestermere AB
Vanessa Sit Calgary AB
Vicki Delany (Guest, 1 banquet)
Victoria Chatham Carstairs AB
Vincent Banville Edmonton AB
Wendy Warchola Calgary AB
Will Arnold Calgary AB
Will Fraser Calgary AB
William A Gardner (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Wilma Slenders (1 banquet) Calgary AB
Winston Pei (1 banquet) Edmonton AB


When Words Collide is a festival for readers, writers, artists and publishers of commercial and literary fiction, including genre, YA, children's books, and poetry. Would you like to know more?

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The current adult passholder rate is $40 CAD. Prices will increase on January 1st. You can register online, use our registration form or, in Calgary, stop in at The Sentry Box at 1835 - 10th Avenue SW to purchase your pass.

If we are sold out in advance, passes will not be available at the door.

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