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Site Map

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•  About WWC — Information about When Words Collide itself

        •  Festival Location — Information about the hotel, booking information, on-site food options, and Calgary sight-seeing during the When Words Collide Festival

        •  Meet Our Sponsors — A listing of the When Words Collide sponsors

        •  Meet the Organizers — A portait gallery of the organizers of the When Words Collide Festival for Readers and Writers

        •  Press and Testimonials — Press items and testimonials from previous guests and others

        •  Previous Collisions — Information from previous editions of When Words Collide

•  Become Involved — Become involved in putting on WWC

        •  Call for Moderators — Call for panel moderators

        •  Call for Presenters — Call for Presenters

        •  Content Suggestions — Suggest content for our festival

        •  Feedback — Send feedback about our festival

        •  Get on Board — Joining the Organizers

        •  Volunteer — Volunteer to help put on the festival

•  COVID — COVID-19 Festival notice

•  Contact Us — Frequentlly asked questions and how to contact us if you require further assistance

•  Events — Descriptions of WWC festival events and activities

        •  Banquet — Information about the banquet catered by the hotel

        •  Canvention — Canvention and the Aurora Awards

        •  Festival Program — Program information for this year's festival

        •  Festival Publications — WWC publications available for copying

        •  Free Public Events — Events that are free and open to the public

        •  Hidden Art Show — WWC Hidden Art Show artists and submission guidelines

        •  Hidden Art Show Past Artists — WWC Hidden Art Show list of past artists and their work

        •  Interviews at WWC — Podcasts done at WWC

        •  Masterclasses — Pre- and post-festival masterclasses taught by our guest of honour

        •  Merchants Corner — Merchants Corner open to the public for the duration of the festival

                •  Shared Author Table — Shared Author Table listing

        •  Pitch Sessions — Pitch your work to editors

        •  Short Story Contest — Robyn Herrington Memorial Short Story Contest

•  Guests of Honour — Information about this year's Guest of Honour

•  Registration — Everything to do with registration, including finding out if you are already registered

        •  Am I Registered — Find out if you are registered for this year's WWC

        •  Online Registration — Register and pay online for this year's festival

        •  Passholders List — List of attendees to this year's WWC

•  Social Contract — WWC's policies for attendees

        •  Harassment Policy — WWC's policy regarding harrassment during the festival

        •  Privacy Policy — WWC's policy regarding the collection and use of personal data

        •  Terms and Conditions — The terms and conditions for using WWC's web site