When Words Collide  
August 9 to 11, 2019
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The Ninth Annual Edition of When Words Collide

Advance Registration for Pitch Sessions, Blue Pencil Café, Saturday Night Readings, Kaffee Klatsches, & One-on-One Consultations with Sam Hiyate of The Rights Factory

This year we have 5 types of events where Festival Passholders may register in advance (All other sessions are rush seating):

  1. Pitch Sessions
  2. Blue Pencil Café
  3. Saturday Night Readings
  4. Kaffee Klatsches
  5. One-on-One Consultations with Sam Hiyate of The Rights Factory

Click here for the Pitch Session, Blue Pencil Café, Rapid Readings, and Kaffee Klatsch schedules. If you wish to sign up for an available session, please follow the instructions below. If you need to cancel any of your sessions, please let us know ASAP.

1. Pitch Sessions

Pitch sessions are 5 minutes long unless otherwise noted. Be prepared to present your elevator pitch and discuss your manuscript. If they like what they hear, you may be asked to send them your query or manuscript. Or you may receive feedback on how to improve your pitch technique. (Please check the agent/editor's web site for what they are looking for. Pitching your YA Steampunk manuscript to a house that only accepts Romance may be a hard sell.)

2. Blue Pencil Café

Once you have a session confirmed, please email your manuscript to info@whenwordscollide.org so that we can forward it to the editor, giving them an opportunity to review it beforehand. (Also bring a printed copy with you.) Blue Pencil sessions are 12 minutes long; please do not provide more material than can be properly discussed in 12 minutes (usually 3 or 4 double-spaced pages).

3. Saturday Night Readings

Saturday Night Readings runs from 7-9 PM. These are Rapid Readings where each author has 10 minutes, allowing 12 authors to read from one of their published works. (Note: If you have a reading scheduled at a Book Social or other reading event, please opt-out of the Saturday evening readings as there are others for whom this will be their only reading opportunity. Thank you.)

4. Kaffee Klatch

This is an intimate 50-minute sit-down with Guy Gavriel Kay. Limited to 10 people.

5. One-on-One Consultations with Sam Hiyate of The Rights Factory

Last year's agent guest, Sam Hiyate of The Rights Factory, is returning this year to offer WWC passholders $25 off his regular fee for a limited number of one-on-one consultations, a bargain at $120. A consultation typically runs 45 minutes. Once booked, writers need to send Sam 20 pages (double spaced, regular margins) and a short (1-2 page) synopsis. Sam will discuss with you the marketability and quality of your work, offering suggestions to increase your odds of success.

To sign-up for an available spot in any of the above 5 events on a 1st-come-1st-served basis, send an email to info@whenwordscollide.org before August 1st, filling in the following template segments that apply:

1. Pitch Sessions

List up to 5 pitch session you would like to attend in order of preference. e.g.

1. Saturday 11 AM	Sandra Kasturi
2. Sunday 2 PM Sam Morgan
3. Sunday 1 PM Michelle Heumann

2. Blue Pencil Café

List up to 5 Blue Pencil Cafes you would like to attend in order of preference. e.g.

1. Saturday 1 PM	Jonas Saul
2. Sunday 12 PM		Nancy M Bell
3. Friday 3 PM		Virginia O'Dine
4. Saturday 10 AM	Nina Munteanu

3. Saturday Night Readings

I would like to participate in the Rapid Readings

4. Kaffee Klatsches

I would like to join the Guy Gavriel Kay Kaffee Klatsch (Saturday 2 PM).

5. One-on-One Consultations with Sam Hiyate of The Rights Factory

I would like to register for a one-on-one consultation with Sam Hiyate.

Advance signup took place during the month of June. For the remainder of July, festival passholders may sign-up via info@whenwordscollide.org on a first-come-first-serve for any available spots or request to be on a waiting list for a filled session. Anyone who is overbooked due to receiving too many of their preferences may also cancel appointments, making them available for others. The signup PDF will be updated roughly weekly. The advance sign-up period will end on July 31st, even if not all available spots are filled.

Note: Unlike at many writers conference, these sessions are offered by editors and agents at no extra charge. Please respect their time and generosity by properly preparing for your session.

During the festival, schedules for Pitch Sessions & Blue Pencil Café will be available outside the Jasper Boardroom. Check with the volunteer on duty to see if there are available times due to cancellations, etc.

The schedule for Saturday Night Readings will be posted in the results PDF and printed in the program book.

The schedule for the Kaffee Klatsches will be posted in the results PDF.

Passholders registered for a one-on-one consultation with Sam Hiyate will be put in touch with Sam directly.