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Assignments for Pitch Sessions, Blue Pencil Café, and Consultations

Download "WWC2023 Advance Signup Sessions.pdf" to see the assigned sessions.

Thank you to everyone who signed up for one-on-one sessions during the advance sign-up window. This greatly helps our presenters manage their sessions. We were fortunate to be able to accommodate most requests, which means some of you may be booked for more sessions than you really want. If you do wish to drop a session and/or move to a different one with availability, please let us know ASAP. To confirm your Blue Pencil and manuscript consultation bookings, please email us your manuscript pages so we can forward them to the presenters. Your session will be much more useful if they can review your material in advance.

Please note that:

Stacey Kondla added a second Pitch Session on Friday at 4 PM. Let us know if you wish to switch your assigned session.

Hayden Trenholm's Blue Pencil moved from Sunday 11 AM to Saturday 3 PM

The following sessions were over-subscribed and not everyone got in:

  Blue Pencil - Madona Skaff-Koren
  Blue Pencil - Nancy M Bell
  Blue Pencil - Devon Kane

  Is Your Story Really Ready for Submission?

We are still accepting advance sign-up for available sessions between now and July 31 on a first-come, first-served basis. After that you can check during the festival with the volunteer outside the Jasper Boardroom for any available sessions.