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Am I Already Registered?

If you are unsure about your registration status there are four ways you can check. Please remember, we do not send separate confirmations or receipts when you register. Instead, look for a PayPal email confirming your payment, or see your credit card or bank statement if that's how you paid. Those who register via mail or at the Sentry Box will have either the Sentry Box receipt or the cancelled cheque from your bank.

  1. If you did not ask to be left off the online list when you registered, our online passholders list should have your name. Names are listed in alphabetical order by given name. Of course, if you asked not to be listed then you'll have to try another method.
  2. If you have your 12-digit registration number, enter it in the box below and click on the Query button.

  3. If you don't have your registration number, enter your name below and click on the Send button. An email with your registration status with be sent to the address on your registration (assuming you have registered for this year). If you do not get an email within 24 hours it means you are not registered.

  4. If nothing else works, you can send us an enquiry via email.