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10th Anniversary Online Banquet

Saturday, August 14th, 2021 - from 5 pm to 7 pm MDT

Yes, there will be a banquet this year! And the best part is that we will automatically have exactly what you want to eat!

Join us for a wonderful Banquet made up of whatever you can cook up or rustle up. Note that Southland Yard, of the Delta Hotel on Southland Drive, has a fine selection of goodies for take-out, made especially for When Words Collide participants (details below).

Join us in the world of Kumospace, while eating your Banquet, and visit with other When Words Collide members. While in Kumospace, you will have an avatar, therefore, you can freely eat while participating. Come on in a have a great time!

Note: The information on getting to Kumospace will be available under your ticket information on Eventbrite. You do not have to have a separate ticket for this year's banquet, nor do you have to register for it.

Download The10th Anniversary Stay-At-Home Banquet.jpg