2016 Guests
Marty Chan
Julie E. Czerneda
Ian Hamilton
Robert Runté
Eve Silver

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Pitch Sessions, Blue Pencil Café, and Saturday Night Readings

The Pitch Sessions, Blue Pencil Café, and Saturday Night Readings schedules are now available based on preferences received during our advance sign-up window. We apologize for the lateness of the posting. Illness has delayed many of our volunteer efforts. Click here for the update.

Don't Despair

When Words Collide 2016 is sold out. Please email us at info@whenwordscollide.org if you wish to be placed on our waiting list. If you are registered for the festival and can no longer attend, please let us know so we can transfer your pass to the next person on the list.

If you can not get a pass for this year's festival, we do have some events that do not require one:

  1. Festival Guest Readings. This year's festival guests - Marty Chan, Julie E. Czerneda, Ian Hamilton, Eve Silver, & Robert Runte - will be reading at the Fish Creek Public Library on Thursday Aug 11 from 7-9 pm. They will also be reading at the Delta Calgary South Hotel on Friday Aug 12 from 1-3 pm in the Fireside Room (Tower Building).
  2. Autograph Session. Our festival guests joined by 80+ attending authors will be signing books on Saturday Aug 13 from 8-10 pm in the Bonavista Ballroom (Tower Building).
  3. Merchants Corner. Books by our festival guests and attending authors and publishers are available all weekend during daytime hours in our Merchant Room located in the Nakiska Ballroom (Atrium Building).

July Board Meeting

The July board meeting has been rescheduled to July 24th at the usual place.

Pre-registration Information for Pitch Sessions, Blue Pencil Café, and Saturday Night Readings

If you are interested in pitching your work to an editor, getting feedback on your work, or reading before an audience, have a look at our information page and get your requests in as soon as possible.

Gender Perspectives in Detective Fiction

Panelists Janice MacDonald, Axel Howerton, S.G. Wong and Wayne Arthurson tackle thorny questions of gender—and yes!—sex in the PI genre. Gender Perspectives in Detective Fiction

Another Podcast

Another podcast is available for your dining and dancing pleasure. This one's on poison.

Aurora Awards

2016 Aurora Award nominees have been announced

We are proud to announce that When Words Collide has again been nominated for the Best Fan Organizational Aurora award. We want to thank all those that nominated us and had such a good time at last year’s festival.

Voting for the awards will begin on June 15th and end on July 23rd at midnight (end of day) EDT. The voter’s package will be available shortly. This year’s voter’s package will contain all of the published works. It is available for free for all CSFFA (Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association) members. If you nominated, you already have a membership. If not, ALL Canadian citizens and landed immigrants can sign up and purchase a membership for $10. Membership also allows you to vote for the 2016 awards. Please note that a CSFFA membership is not the same thing as a WWC festival pass. For full details about the awards or CSFFA go to www.prixaurorawards.ca.

Who is on the ballot? Well, for the full ballot go here, but there are a lot of registered WWC attendees whose works are shortlisted. Here is a list of current WWC members who are on the ballot and the categories they are nominated in:

Best English Novel: E.C. Bell, Chadwick Ginther, Randy McCharles, and Ryan T. McFadden

Best English YA Novel: Jayne Barnard, Sherry Peters, and Suzy Vadori

Best English Short Fiction: Ron Friedman and Robert J. Sawyer

Best English Graphic Novel: GMB Chomichuk, Kate Larking, and Finn Lucullan

Best English Related Work: Colleen Anderson, J.R. Campbell, Nancy Kilpatrick, and Hayden Trenholm

Best Artist: James Beveridge, Jeff Minkevics, and, Dan O'Driscoll

Best Fan Organizational: Samantha Beiko, Chadwick Ginther, and Randy McCharles

When Words Collide wishes to congratulate all the nominees and hope to see even more of you join us at WWC in August.

New Podcast

Death Throes: Our latest podcast is live, but considering the topic, that's a state of affairs that could change without warning. Have a listen as When Words Collide 2014 panelist/authors Craig DiLouie, Dwayne Clayton, Melodie Campbell and Axel Howerton discuss death scenes, when and how characters should die, and whether violent books, like films, should be rated.

All our podcasts are available here.

New Podcast

We have a new podcast! For those who can't wait for August 12, 2016 to arrive, a blast from the past: YA author Jacqueline Guest recounts how travelling to schools across the country has been both an adventure and an inspiration. Have Pen Will Travel

All our podcasts are available here.

New, Shiny, and Open for Business

The web site has been re-organised, and we have a new registration system. If you find something that doesn't work properly, please let us know. Thanks!

2016 Planning Meeting

When Words Collide is a victim of its own success. We have grown so quickly over five years that our organizing committee can't keep up.

We are currently looking for excited people to help us plan and deliver When Words Collide 2016. If you would like to help, please let us know or attend our AGM on December 13 in the Community Room of the MacLeod Trail Co-op (8818 MacLeod Trail South) from 10 AM - 12 PM.

Note: Planning meetings are usually on the 2nd Sunday of the month