2015 Guests
Daniel Abraham Fantasy
C.J. Carmichael Romance
Diana Gabaldon Historical
M.L.N. Hanover Urban Fantasy
Sally Harding Literary Agent
Faith Hunter Urban Fantasy
Gwen Hunter Thriller
Brandon Mull Young Adult

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This web site will not be updated for a few days while we re-organise things. Stay tuned for more information about next year's festival!

Membership Transfers

We have processed a number of membership transfers in the past few days to accommodate those who can no longer attend as well as those at the top of our waiting list. Unfortunately, we can no longer process transfers as our volunteers are now swamped preparing for the festival which begins for some at 9 AM tomorrow morning. That said, if you have a membership and can no longer attend and have someone lined up who can take your place, we will accept email notification up until 9 PM Thursday evening and will provide email confirmation of the transfer later that evening.

Pre-festival Workshop Locations

Please note that the Thursday and Friday Master Classes (pre-festival workshops) with faith Hunter and Daniel Abraham have been moved from the Fireside room (Tower) to the Kananaskis room (Atrium) to accommodate more people. We will be accepting registration at the door if you have not pre-registered. Both workshops begin at 9 AM.

Thursday Festival Guest Readings

We are sorry to announce that the Thursday 7 PM Festival Guest Readings at the Fish Creek Library has sold out. That said, we are very happy to announce that we have moved the Friday 1 PM Festival Guest Readings at the Delta Calgary South hotel from the Fireside room to the Bonavista Ballroom in order to accommodate more people. These readings are open to the public. Anyone who can't get a seat at the library should be able to find one at the hotel. Authors Daniel Abraham, CJ Carmichael, Diana Gabaldon, Faith Hunter, Brandon Mull, and David B. Coe may be available for a short period following the Readings to sign autographs in the ballroom foyer, but we encourage people to return to the Bonavista Ballroom on Saturday evening from 8-10 PM when they and 55+ additional authors will be available for autographs for an extended period.

Saturday Banquet and Book Signings

Our festival program has been sent to the printers and will be available at our registration desk in the Atrium ballroom (Nakiska) when registered members arrive. An online version of the Program, Quick Guide, and Social Events have been posted on our program page.

Any further changes requested by presenters will not be reflected in the printed material, but will be indicated in the schedules posted by the meeting room entrances whenever possible.

Good news for people who were unable to register!

While the festival is sold out and registration is closed, we do have a few events that are open to the public:

  1. Festival Guest Readings (Friday 1-3 PM) in the Fireside room.
  2. Random Readings (Saturday 7-10 PM) in the Fireside room.
  3. Autograph session (Saturday 8-10 PM) in the Tower ballroom.
  4. The Merchants Corner (Friday 1–8 PM; Saturday 9 AM-5:30 PM; Sunday 9 AM-5:30 PM) in the Atrium ballroom

Saturday Banquet and Book Signings

The Saturday banquet details are now available. Join us for food, entertainment, and the author books signings afterward.

Pitch Sessions and Blue Pencil Café

There is an additional Blue Pencil Café session that has been added on Friday evening:

Friday    7 PM Blue Pencil Café   Kate McGilles     (editor) [new]

For details see the July 19th entry below.

Unfortunately, Sam Hiyate of The Rights Factory has had to cancel his trip to Calgary. We apologize to those who wished to see him, especially those who signed up for his pitch session. Those scheduled to see him will have first dibs when Sam can come out to our festival.

New Publications

On our publication page you'll find the 2015 poster, the restaurant guide for our new venue, and the 2015 flyer. You may download and make as many copies as you wish. Spread the word!

New Podcast!

A new podcast is available from WWC2014. Listen in for an interview with D. J. MacIntosh.

Pitch Sessions and Blue Pencil Café

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Pre-Signup process. We have been able to accommodate a majority of the requests. Due to the # of requests we have added a 3rd Pitch session with Sally Harding for Sunday at 2 PM and a Blue Pencil Cafe session with Robert Runte for Sunday 1 PM. For those schedueled, please let us know if you cannot attend your session(s) so that we can make your spot available to others. To see what session times will be available at the festival or what session(s) you may be signed up for, click here.

Sessions that are still available, including 3 new sessions that were not previously announced, are:

Friday    7 PM Blue Pencil Café   Kate McGilles     (editor) [new]
Saturday  7 PM Blue Pencil Café   Donna-Lee Wybert  (editor) [new]
Saturday  8 PM Blue Pencil Café   Donna-Lee Wybert  (editor) [new]
Sunday    1 PM Blue Pencil Café   David Gross       (author)
Sunday   11 AM Pitch Session      Samantha Beiko    (ChiZine Publications
Sunday    3 PM Pitch Session      Sandra Kasturi    (ChiZine Publications
Sunday    3 PM Pitch Session      Danielle Raynor   (Tule Publishing) [new]

For those with a Blue Pencil session, if you email us your manuscript (max 1000 words, typed, double-spaced) by July 31 we will forward them to your editor for review prior to the session. Please bring a copy with you to the session.

Saturday Autograph Session

The following authors have signed up for the autograph session and will be available to sign books:
Daniel Abraham
Madison Avery
Jayne Barnard
Eileen Bell
Shawn Bird
E.C. Blake
Susan Bohnet
Kate Boorman
Rebecca Bradley
Scott Burtness
C.J. Carmichael
Kristi Charish
Adam Dreece
Caterina Edwards
Pat Flewwelling
Susan Forest
Diana Gabaldon
Barb Galler-Smith
Chadwick Ginther
Christopher Hoare
R. J. Hore
Steena Holmes
Faith Hunter
Gwen Hunter
D. B. Jackson
Jessica L. Jackson
Patricia Jensen Jeffery
Sarah Kades
Kai Kiriyama
Adria Laycraft
Fonda Lee
Mark Leslie
Nicole Luiken
Ed Lukowich
Susan MacGregor
Randy McCharles
Jodi McIsaac
Jane Ann McLachlan
Joanne Morcom
Brandon Mull
Avery Olive
Candace Osmond
Sherry Peters
G. W. Renshaw
Tim Reynolds
Simon Rose
Trina St. Jean
Judith Silverthorne
Patrick Weekes
Darusha Wehm
Sam Wiebe
Edward Willett
SG Wong

New Podcast!

A new podcast is available from the WWC2014. Listen in as Margarita Gakis, Nina Munteanu, and Sarah Katyi talk about Women in Current Works.

New Podcast!

A new podcast is available from the WWC2014. Listen in as historical fiction author Jack Whyte and Penguin editor Adrienne Kerr talk about how they are In Love With the Past.

Workshop Registration is Open

Pre-Festival workshop registration is now open. Please see the details on the workshops page for details.

Diana Gabaldon

Famed author Diana Gabaldon was scheduled to be a guest last year, but was unable to make it due to scheduling conflicts with the TV series based on her Outlander novels.

We are pleased to announce that Diana WILL be able to make it this year.

More information will be available soon.

When Words Collide Wins Another Award

Aurora AwardWhen Words Collide is thrilled to receive the 2014 Aurora Award. A huge thank you to all of the volunteers and attendees who make our festival for readers and writers a success.

2015 Planning Meeting

When Words Collide is a victim of its own success. We have grown so quickly over 4 years that our organizing committee can't keep up.

We are currently looking for excited people to help us plan and deliver When Words Collide 2015. If you would like to help, please let us know or attend our AGM on December 13 in the Community Room of the MacLeod Trail Co-op (8818 MacLeod Trail South) from 10 AM - 12 PM.

Note: Planning meetings are usually on the 2nd Sunday of the month

That's a Wrap

It's over for another year, but we're already planning next year's festival.

The web site will be updated a piece at a time over the next week or so, don't worry if some things look a bit odd. It'll sort itself out.

We're still calculating, totalling and generally shovelling our way out from under the paperwork, so if you bought a membership for next year don't worry. You'll show up some time in the near future as the figures become available to your humble web master.