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We're On The Map!

SF Signal has an Interactive SciFi and Fantasy Convention Map for 2011 and we're on it! Have a look.

Rachel Caine Wins Award

Congratulations to our guest, Rachel Caine, who has won the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Career Achievement Award. See Locus Magazine for details.

Tempus Fugit

On Sunday June 12th we will be making the final changes to our program for this year. If you want to be on a panel, please let us know by then.

Is It Worth the Risk?

Interest in When Words Collide has been phenomenal with preregistration approaching 33% of our venue capacity of 350. Therefore, we encourage those who are planning to attend but who have been putting off registering to consider preregistering to ensure your membership. We are working with the hotel to secure additional space for next year, but this year we face the risk of having to turn some people away. To ensure you can attend in August, please register now.

Programming! Really!

We have lots of lovely new programming planned. Check it out. The panel descriptions will be ready very soon so check back later. If you would like to be on any of the panels, let us know!

Artist in Residence

WWC colour poster
The Astonishing and Glorious When Words Collide Colour Poster!

Poster artwork provided courtesy of Steve Swanson, creator of the webcomic Dodge The Bullet which you can read at


Programming for a convention isn't as easy as one might think. Everybody who might want a space has to be consulted and the scheduling conflicts have to be resolved. Some people back out, others suddenly decide to participate. It's a nightmare.

Despite the Herculean nature of the task, our programming committee is making excellent progress as you can see here. There are still gaps but these will be filled with astonishing goodies Real Soon Now.

Call for art...

Although When Words Collide will not be hosting a traditional art show, we're looking for artists to spruce up the convention. If you would like the wealth honour and glory of having your work appear on this site, in our programming booklet and perhaps in programming during the Con, please contact the ConCom. This is an excellent opportunity for artists to display their work to an audience including publishers and other potentially paying clients.