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Meet the Organizers

Susan Calder: Programming
★Susan Calder★
Swati Chavda: Publications
★Swati Chavda★
Marzena Czarnecka: Merchant Liaison
★Marzena Czarnecka★
Merchant Liaison
Jeanette Dover: Treasurer
★Jeanette Dover★
Sandra Fitzpatrick: Registration Co-ordinator
★Sandra Fitzpatrick★
Registration Co-ordinator
Susan Forest: Grant Liaison
★Susan Forest★
Grant Liaison
Ron S Friedman: Social Media<br>Co-ordinator
★Ron S Friedman★
Social Media
Calvin Jim: Secretary and<br>SF Programming
★Calvin Jim★
Secretary and
SF Programming
Kim Greyson: Volunteer Liaison
★Kim Greyson★
Volunteer Liaison
Liz Grotkowski: Science Fiction and<br>Fantasy Coordinator
★Liz Grotkowski★
Science Fiction and
Fantasy Coordinator
Sarah Kades: Resident Romantic
★Sarah Kades★
Resident Romantic
Shelley Kassian: Book Keeper
★Shelley Kassian★
Book Keeper
Tony King: Media Liaison
★Tony King★
Media Liaison
Val King: Archivist
★Val King★
Stacey Kondla: Promotions<br>and Vice Chair
★Stacey Kondla★
and Vice Chair
Lucas Law: Five-year Plan
★Lucas Law★
Five-year Plan
Adria Laycraft: Art Show Co-ordinator
★Adria Laycraft★
Art Show Co-ordinator
Kyera Lea: Tech Support and<br>Registration Packages
★Kyera Lea★
Tech Support and
Registration Packages
Randy McCharles: Chair, Program Director,<br>and General Dogsbody
★Randy McCharles★
Chair, Program Director,
and General Dogsbody
Dr Heather Osborne: Academic Programming
★Dr Heather Osborne★
Academic Programming
Gary Renshaw: Technomage
★Gary Renshaw★
Cliff Samuels: Guest Liaison
★Cliff Samuels★
Guest Liaison
Raina Schnider: Programming
★Raina Schnider★
Jennifer Slebioda: YouTube Channel<br>and Web Gallery
★Jennifer Slebioda★
YouTube Channel
and Web Gallery
Steve Swanson: Artist in Residence
★Steve Swanson★
Artist in Residence
Suzy Vadori: Children, Middle School,<br>& YA Co-ordinator
★Suzy Vadori★
Children, Middle School,
& YA Co-ordinator