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About WWC

When Words Collide is an annual non-profit festival modelled after the volunteer conventions popular in the Science Fiction and Fantasy communities. Nobody is paid for attending (though guests of honour have their expenses covered) and even the organizers buy passes to attend.

The festival is designed to bring readers and writers together in a celebration of the written word. Up to 10 tracks of programming, beginning at 1 PM on Friday and running through 5 PM Sunday, offer informational, educational, and social activities covering a wide spectrum of literature including Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Historical, Literary, Script-writing, Poetry, Comics, and Non-fiction. Roughly 820 readers, writers, editors, publishers, agents, and artists attend with over a hundred presenters in our program.

Organizers and presenters alike volunteer their time and talents to make When Words Collide as accessible and varied as possible, and one of the largest literary events in Canada.


Things of Common Interest

Planning Meetings

If you wish to help organize the next festival, planning meetings are held monthly from 10 AM until noon. The location is virtual.

Until further notice, planning meetings will be held online via Zoom. Please email us for the details which will be available shortly before each meeting.

Other Information