2018 Guests
Peter V. Brett
Harold Johnson
Erin Lindsey
Sam Morgan
Deanna Raybourn
Arthur Slade

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Aurora Award Winner

Winner of this year's Aurora Award
for best volunteer-run organization.


Live Action Slush—Early Bird Edition

This is the latest podcast from WWC2017. Authors anonymously submit first pages of works in progress which are read aloud for a panel of editors. The editors then comment on the work. Does it sound like a bloodsport? There's one author they want to talk to afterward! Hear it here: http://whenwordscollide.libsyn.com/live-action-slush-early-bird-edition

2017 GoH Speech - Guy Gavriel Kay

Privacy, networking and the author/reader relationship. 2017 Guest of Honour speech from Guy Gavriel Kay. Part 2/2 Trick or Treat podcast pack. http://whenwordscollide.libsyn.com/2017-005-goh-speech-guy-gavriel-kay

2017 GoH Speech - Mark Leslie

Where does the magic come from? 2017 Guest of Honour speech from writer, bookseller and Director of Self Publishing & Author Relations for Kobo, Mark Leslie. Part 1/2 Trick or Treat podcast pack. http://whenwordscollide.libsyn.com/2017-004-goh-speech-mark-leslie

2017 GoH Speech - Sam Hiyate

The Rights Factory Inc. president Sam Hiyate recounts how he launched his career as a literary agent in his 2017 Guest of Honour speech. http://whenwordscollide.libsyn.com/2017-003-goh-speech-sam-hiyate

2018 Planning Meeting

We are currently looking for excited people to help us plan and deliver When Words Collide 2018. If you would like to help, please let us know or attend our next meeting December 10 in the Community Room of the MacLeod Trail Co-op (8818 MacLeod Trail South) from 10 AM - 12 PM.

2017 GoH Speech - C.C. Humphreys.

The 2017 Guest of Honour speech by C.C. Humphreys in which he channels The Bard: http://whenwordscollide.libsyn.com/2017-002-goh-cc-humphreys?tdest_id=115581

2017 GoH Speech - Jennifer Estep.

You call a winter hat a what, again...?