2017 Guests
Jennifer Estep
Will Ferguson (Sat only)
Sam Hiyate
Harold Johnson
C.C. Humphreys
Guy Gavriel Kay

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Aurora Award Winner

Mutiple winner of the Aurora Award for best volunteer-run organization.


Our online payment forms are working again and will allow registration at the pre-April rate until Tuesday. Thank you for your patience.

What, Another New Podcast?!

GOH speech number four finds the curmudgeonly retired professor Robert Runté questioning English teachers and praising fan fiction. http://whenwordscollide.libsyn.com/: http://whenwordscollide.libsyn.com/.

Third GoH Podcast!

In the third installment of the WWC 2016 GOH speeches, SF&F author and editor Julie Czerneda finds a roomful of people with their heads in the clouds and knows who to blame. http://whenwordscollide.libsyn.com/.

Second GoH Podcast!

The second of our five GoH speeches from the WWC 2016 is Ian Hamilton, author of the Ava Lee mystery series talking about his unexpected path to bestsellerdom, available now on our podcast page: http://whenwordscollide.libsyn.com/.

GoH Podcast!

Perils, Pitfalls and Perseverance. The first 2016 podcast features Eve Silver (introduced by Randy McCharles) from the Guest of Honour speeches. Eve tells her story of persistence on the road to publishing success.

October Board Meeting

The October board meeting has been rescheduled to October 16th at the usual place.

Open for Business

Our website has been updated for next year. There may be some remaining construction debris, so if you find something that doesn't make sense or doesn't work, please e-mail us at info@whenwordscollide.org. Thanks!

Another One Bites the Dust

A thunderous thank you to everyone who made this year's festival a huge success: organizers, volunteers, presenters, pass holders, and sponsors. We are thrilled to announce that When Words Collide also received on Saturday night this year's Aurora Award for best organization. Join the post-festival discussion on Facebook.

We hope to have the web site updated for our 2017 festival by the end of the month and will send out information regarding registration and hotel booking in the September newsletter. If you are not receiving the newsletter, you can sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of the left side menu or visit our newsletter archive by clicking on View Newsletters.