Preparation and Amenities

Are you ready for When Words Collide?

We know you are excited about our upcoming event, but are you really prepared to take advantage of all we offer?

Here are a few tips, thoughts, and information that will help you get the most from our little get together.

Stuff to Prepare

Things to prepare before the festival:

  1. Advance Sign-up for Pitch Sessions and Blue Pencil Cafe

    This year we are holding these one-on-one mentored events on Friday as well as on Saturday and Sunday. Sign-up will be done as a draw rather than first come-first served. Send an email before August 1st to stating which session(s) you would like to attend, indicating 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice, etc. For overbooked sessions we will randomly draw names based on preference. In the event that any of the sessions still have space after the advance sign-up, a sign-up book will available for those sessions near the registration desk starting at 12 PM Friday. During the festival, attendees may check with the volunteer outside the Wedgewood Boardroom for openings due to cancellations or no-shows. (Note: This year sign-up is not required for 50-minute workshops.)

    Available sessions:

    Friday 1 PM - Blue Pencil Café (Jessica Corra-Larter, Samhain Publishing)
    Friday 3 PM - Blue Pencil Café (Adrienne Kerr, Penguin/Random House Canada)
    Friday 4 PM - Blue Pencil Café (Adrienne Kerr, Penguin/Random House Canada)
    Friday 6 PM - Blue Pencil Café (Barb Galler-Smith, OnSpec Magazine)
    Saturday 10 AM - Blue Pencil Café (Edward Willett, Author)
    Saturday 3 PM - Blue Pencil Café (Ella Beaumont, Edge of Speech freelance
    Sunday 10 AM - Blue Pencil Café (Gary Ryan, Author)
    Sunday 1 PM - Blue Pencil Café (Rhonda Parrish, Niteblade Fantasy & Horror)
    Sunday 2 PM - Blue Pencil Café (Caralee Hubbell, CAFE - Calgary Association
    of Freelance Editors)
    Sunday 3 PM - Blue Pencil Café (Robert Runté, Five Rivers Publishing)
    Sunday 4 PM - Blue Pencil Café (Clare C. Marshall, Faery Ink Press)
    Friday 2 PM - Pitch Session (Brian Hades, Edge SF&F Publishing)
    Friday 5 PM - Pitch Session (Brian Hades, Edge SF&F Publishing)
    Saturday 11 AM - Pitch Session (Robert Runté, Five Rivers Publishing)
    Saturday 12 PM - Pitch Session (Adrienne Kerr, Penguin/Random House Canada)
    Saturday 1 PM - Pitch Session (Adrienne Kerr, Penguin/Random House Canada)
    Saturday 2 PM - Pitch Session (Margaret Curelas, Tyche Books)
    Saturday 4 PM - Pitch Session (Justyn Perry, Breathless Press/Lycaon Press)
    Sunday 11 AM - Pitch Session (Hayden Trenholm, Bundoran Press)
    Sunday 12 PM - Pitch Session (Naomi Davis, Inklings Literary Agency) 
  2. Autograph Session: On Saturday evening we are hosting an autograph session from 8-9 PM where 50+ authors, including our festival guests, will be available to sign books. This event is open to the public, so tell your friends and bring books to be signed. (A list of participating authors will be posted once finalized.)
  3. Book Sales: If you are an author, check with the appropriate publishers and book sellers to be sure they have your books available in the Merchants' Corner. If they don't carry your books, ask about the authors' cooperative table for unrepresented authors.
  4. Manuscripts: A few things you can do.
    1. Live Action Slush: Bring the first 1-2 pages of your novel or short story to be read anonymously out loud and get feedback from our panel of experts on what happens when your submission hits the slush pile. (No one will know it is your manuscript unless you tell them.)
    2. Blue Pencil Café: Bring 1-2 pages of your manuscript (typed, 12-point font, double-spaced) and get advice from an industry professional.*
    3. Pitch Session: Run your pitch by an acquisition editor or other industry professional for advice and perhaps a submission request.*
  5. Saturday evening banquet: Details here.
  6. Food, Glorious Food

    >WWC 2013 Restaurant Guide
    WWC 2013 Restaurant Guide

    We have a restaurant guide available so you can see where to get food within strolling distance of the festival.

    At the Festival

    1. Registration opens at noon on Friday and 9 AM on Saturday/Sunday. While we try our best to be organized we are all human. It is strongly suggested you bring proof of membership payment with you just in case there is an error in our records.
      Friday   12 PM - 8    PM
      Saturday  9 AM - 5:30 PM
      Sunday    9 AM - 4:30 PM
    2. *Advance sign-up for Pitch Sessions & Blue Pencil Café is available via email (see notice on our main page). For any unfilled session, a sign-up book will be available near registration starting at 12 PM Friday. Workshops no longer require sign-up. There will be no Kaffe Klatches this year.]
    3. Merchants Corner: Visit our Merchants Corner between sessions to speak with publishers, writers associations, and booksellers, and to find books by attending authors.
    4. Hospitality: Drop by second floor suite throughout the day for snacks and social mingling.
    5. Daytime Socials: Check the program for book launches, teaser readings, and other social events.
    6. Evening socials: All festival attendees are invited to drop by and mingle at all of the hosted socials.
      Socials Posters
    7. For a bite on the run, the hotel is providing a snack bar just outside of the Merchants' Corner.

       $6.00  Assorted Full Sandwiches made with Bread, Buns, Wraps, or Bagels
       $5.00  Individual Salads
       $3.00  Fruit Cups
       $2.50  Bagels with Cream Cheese
       $2.00  Assorted Cookies, Squares & Tarts, Breakfast Pastries
       $1.50  Whole Fresh Fruit
       $1.00  Potato Chips
       $1.00  Chocolate Bars
       $2.50  Bottled Water
       $2.00  Assorted Bottled Juice
       $2.00  Coffee/Tea/Decaf
       $1.50  Assorted Canned Soft Drinks

      Food items are to be individually wrapped.

    8. And finally, Don't forget to bring your sense of excitement, awe, and wonder. We'll see you on August 8, 2014