2014 Guests
Diana Gabaldon - CANCELLED
Jacqueline Guest YA, Historical
Mark Leslie Kobo Canada
D. J. McIntosh Mystery
Brandon Sanderson Fantasy
Jack Whyte Historical Fiction

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Saturday Autograph Session

The following authors have signed up for the autograph session.

Angela Ackermanwww.writershelpingwriters.net
Laura VanArendonk Baughwww.LauraVanArendonkBaugh.com
Aviva Bel'Haroldsites.google.com/site/avivatheauthor
Eileen Bell www.eileenbell.com
Angel Berry www.angel-berry.com
E.C. Blake www.ecblake.com
Greg Bechtel www.gregbechtel.ca
Marty Chan www.martychan.com
Melodie Campbellwww.melodiecampbell.com
Craig DiLouie www.craigdilouie.com
Howie Ericksonsciencefictionbyhowie.ca
Minister Faustwww.ministerfaust.com
Makenzi Fisk www.makenzifisk.com
Hal Friesen www.halfriesen.com
Susan Forest www.speculative-fiction.ca
Barb Galler-Smithwww.gallersmith.ca
Chadwick Gintherwww.chadwickginther.com
Jacqueline Guestwww.jacquelineguest.com
R. J. Harlick www.rjharlick.ca
Ronald Hore www.ronaldhore.com
Axel Howertonwww.about.me/axelhowerton
Danielle L. Jensenwww.danielleljensen.com
Sarah Kades www.sarahkades.com
Linda Kupecekwww.lindakupecek.com
Adria Laycraft www.thewriteinitiative.com
Mark Leslie www.markleslie.ca
Halli Lilburn www.hallililburn.blogspot.com
Nicole Luiken www.nicoleluiken.com
Ed Lukowich www.trillionist.com
Janice MacDonaldwww.janicemacdonald.net
Susan MacGregorwww.suzenyms.blogspot.ca
Jean Maxwell www.idreamofjean.com
Randy McCharleswww.randymccharles.com
D. J. McIntoshwww.djmcintosh.com
Jodi McIsaac www.jodimcisaac.com
G.J.C. (Greg) McKitrickwww.gjcmckitrick.com
Nina Munteanuwww.NinaMunteanu.com
Lorna Nicholsonwww.lornaschultznicholson.com
Avery Olivewww.averyolive.blogspot.com
Candace Osmondwww.ironworldseries.com
Rhonda Parrishwww.rhondaparrish.com
Lorraine Patonwww.lorrainepaton.com
Sherry Peters www.dwarvenamazon.com
Michell Plestedwww.michellplested.com
Mahrie G. Reidwww.mahriegreid.com
Jodie Renner www.jodierenner.com
Tim Reynolds www.tgmreynolds.com
Brandon Sandersonwww.brandonsanderson.com
Nola Sarina www.nolasarina.com
Robert J. Sawyerwww.sfwriter.com
Jim Sellers www.jimsellers.net
Brenda Sinclairwww.brendasinclairauthor.com
James Van Peltwww.jimvanpelt.livejournal.com
Jack Whyte www.camulod.com
Leya Wolfgang www.DYKKC.com
Edward Willettwww.edwardwillett.com
Daniel A. Williswww.danielawillis.com
S.G. Wongwww.sgwong.com

Advance Sign-up for Pitch Sessions and Blue Pencil Cafe (UPDATED)

This year we are holding these one-on-one mentored events on Friday as well as on Saturday and Sunday. Sign-up will be done as a draw rather than first come-first served. Send an email before August 1st to info@whenwordscollide.org stating which session(s) you would like to attend, indicating 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice, etc. For overbooked sessions we will randomly draw names based on preference. In the event that any of the sessions still have space after the advance sign-up, a sign-up book will available for those sessions near the registration desk starting at 12 PM Friday. During the festival, attendees may check with the volunteer outside the Wedgewood Boardroom for openings due to cancellations or no-shows. (Note: This year sign-up is not required for 50-minute workshops.)

Available sessions:

Update - 2 additional pitch sessions (*):

Friday 1 PM - Blue Pencil Café (Jessica Corra-Larter, Samhain Publishing)
Friday 3 PM - Blue Pencil Café (Adrienne Kerr, Penguin/Random House Canada)
Friday 4 PM - Blue Pencil Café (Adrienne Kerr, Penguin/Random House Canada)
Friday 6 PM - Blue Pencil Café (Barb Galler-Smith, OnSpec Magazine)
Saturday 10 AM - Blue Pencil Café (Edward Willett, Author)
Saturday 3 PM - Blue Pencil Café (Ella Beaumont, Edge of Speech freelance
Sunday 10 AM - Blue Pencil Café (Gary Ryan, Author)
Sunday 1 PM - Blue Pencil Café (Rhonda Parrish, Niteblade Fantasy & Horror)
Sunday 2 PM - Blue Pencil Café (Caralee Hubbell, CAFE - Calgary Association
of Freelance Editors)
Sunday 3 PM - Blue Pencil Café (Robert Runté, Five Rivers Publishing)
Sunday 4 PM - Blue Pencil Café (Clare C. Marshall, Faery Ink Press)

Friday 2 PM - Pitch Session (Brian Hades, Edge SF&F Publishing)
Friday 5 PM - Pitch Session (Brian Hades, Edge SF&F Publishing)

* Friday 7 PM - Pitch Session (Tina O'Connor, Be That Books Publishing)
Saturday 11 AM - Pitch Session (Robert Runté, Five Rivers Publishing)
Saturday 12 PM - Pitch Session (Adrienne Kerr, Penguin/Random House Canada)
Saturday 1 PM - Pitch Session (Adrienne Kerr, Penguin/Random House Canada)
Saturday 2 PM - Pitch Session (Margaret Curelas, Tyche Books)
Saturday 4 PM - Pitch Session (Justyn Perry, Breathless Press/Lycaon Press)
* Saturday 7 PM - Pitch Session (Tina O'Connor, Be That Books Publishing)
Sunday 11 AM - Pitch Session (Hayden Trenholm, Bundoran Press)
Sunday 12 PM - Pitch Session (Naomi Davis, Inklings Literary Agency) 

Brandon Sanderson Gaming Tournament

Calling Brandon Sanderson fans — Brandon is an avid gamer and has agreed to participate in a Magic the Gathering Limited Draft Tournament on the Sunday evening of the festival. This tournament is limited to 16 people and will start at 8 PM Sunday evening and likely run past midnight.

Cost to enter is $10. Cards will be supplied as well as prizes for participants. Registered festival members who would like to 'play with Brandon' can email us at info@whenwordscollide.org to get on the tournament list. Once the tournament is full, we'll keep a waiting list in case someone doesn't show up. For people who may be new to Magic or a bit rusty, we will be reviewing the cards and rules from 7-8 PM.

Can't Attend The Festival?

When Words Collide has sold out and we are no longer selling weekend passes, but there are still opportunities to participate. For readers we have several public events that do not require registration:

  • On Thursday, August 7th at 7pm at the Fish Creek Library (11161 Bonaventure Drive SE), this year's festival guests will be reading from current works, taking questions, and signing books.
  • On Friday, August 8th from 1pm-3pm at the Carriage House Inn (9030 Macleod Trail South), Thursday's event will be repeated.
  • On Saturday, August 9th from 8pm-9pm, our festival guests and many of our attending authors will be signing books at our mass autograph session.
  • Our Merchants Corner is also open to the public. Books by our festival guests and many attending authors are available for purchase. It is also a great opportunity to say hello to booksellers, small presses, and writers organizatons. Hours are Friday 12pm-7pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 10am-4pm.

For writers and aspiring writers, we still have room in our pre-festival workshops on August 6th, 7th, & 8th.

  • Adrienne Kerr (Penguin) - The Author-Publisher Relationship ($40)
  • Mark Leslie (Kobo Canada) - Marketing Best Practices ($20)
  • Mark Leslie (Kobo Canada) - Hybrid Publishing ($20)
  • D. J. McIntosh (Author) - How to Get Published ($20)
  • Jacqueline Guest (Author) - On the Write Track ($20)
  • Jack Whyte (Author) - Manuscript Strengths & Weaknesses ($50)
  • ARWA (Alberta Romance Writers Association) - Monochrome or Tapestry ($10)

Workshop details are here.

Jack Whyte replaces Diana Gabaldon

As mentioned in last month's News & Notes, Diana Gabaldon, due to the release schedule of her Outlander television series, is no longer able to visit Calgary in August. Luckily, Jack Whyte has agreed to take her place in our guest lineup.

Like Diana, Jack is an international bestselling author of historical fiction and is a knowledgeable and entertaining public speaker. His Arthurian saga, the nine volume Camulod Chronicles, continues to fly off bookstore shelves, as does his Templar series. His current Bravehearts Chronicles deals with 14th-Century Scotland during the Wars of Independence and features the Scots heroes of those wars: William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, and Sir James the Black Douglas. Jack is also hosting a manuscript workshop on the Friday morning before the festival. Let us know if you are interested in joining him.

Though Diana Gabaldon's schedule continues to look busy for the foreseeable future, we should know early in the new year if she is able to join us in 2015. If anyone has purchased a 2014 festival membership for the sole purpose of seeing Diana, please let us know and we will happily transfer your membership to our 2015 festival. Also, please note below that on June 26th, Diana is briefly in Calgary for a signing event.

2014 Planning Meeting

The next 2014 festival planning meeting is on Sunday, July 13th in the Community Room of the MacLeod Trail Co-op (8818 MacLeod Trail South) from 10 AM - 12 PM.

Anyone who would like to drop in and comment on how to improve the festival for 2014 is welcome.

Note: Planning meetings are usually on the 2nd Sunday of the month